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Avoid L2 Computer unless you want junk: 820-2914 216-0810005

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    tried to order on aliexpress but said out of stock. can you share his contact info please?


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      Messages from SEE:

      "Thanks for your message.
      We are not clear whether there will be DC: 1617 chips again in the market.
      But recently there will be no any pcs of this chip in the market."


      "Thanks for your reply.
      I am sorry to tell you that this chip 216-0810005 NEW with any datecode is out of stock in the whole market.
      And there is no updated news to inform when the new arrival will be in stock."

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          Originally posted by larossmann View Post

          Let me guess, L2 Computer?

          Edit: just saw your post. Yes, they are rampant scammers...

          Yep and this is how they respond....

          Message from L2
          "Dear customer, After checking with our technician and shipping department about this chip-set, We had the suggestions and conclusions below:
          1. Please provide us how to prove this chip-set is defective without using it.
          2. If you had used it, we can not accept return.
          3. After checking with our shipping department and our stock, all our chip-sets are brand new. Which means, it is impossible thermal paste on it.
          4. Technical Suggest: Control the temperature, all the chip-set are good.
          To be honest, we own repair store, we use this chip set to repair our customer logic board. All the chip-set are good, 0% defective rate right now. For the model A1286 2011 Apple laptop, there is a logic board design flaw, the technician need to set the repairing temperature very careful for repair. Or, it will be failure.
          5. Technical Suggestion: Damaged by the wrong operation. The opposite of this chip-set part of logic board, it is video ram. It may be damaged by when you repair the video issues.

          So, our technician said if you can control the repair temperature very careful, it will be no problem for this repair. and the chip-set is good. Thanks"


          They are bad chips and this is eCommerce and fortunately for me it does not matter a if I tested them, used them, or put them up my ass to see the taste comes out on my tongue.

          They are not as described and you have no choice but to give me back my money.

          If you do not know how to tell good chips from bad you should not be selling them... But you know, the thermal paste on some of these chips while untouched in the reel... Yeah... That kind of negated the need to view the balls under the microscope or even to open the reel.

          I really do admire your last message, it show that you are willing to put all of your brain power into trying to rip people off. Good for you little man!

          All the best.

          What a bunch of C**t's
          Stay away from L2


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            Originally posted by G.Beard View Post
            To be honest, we own repair store, we use this chip set to repair our customer logic board.
            if they really do they are 2 time scammers.


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              Avoid L2 computer for anything, ever. Everything they sell is garbage that was not even tested before being thrown in a non ESD safe bag and sent to you.


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                Final update.

                After L2 refusing to issue a refund and refusing also to facilitate a returns label, eBay forced a refund. I only got my money back thanks to PayPal / eBay.
                L2 sent many messages in reply stating in various ways that the chip failure must me my fault and they are not doing anything at all to help with returning the items.


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                  Originally posted by MDY View Post
                  I bought from yi hong su by skype. But it has in alieixpress
                  I recived 1 month ago 1617 and now he told me he has more in stock and I ordered more last week.
                  I saw some of those 1617 that are being sold now. They were 100% reballed, saw 5 in a reel and there was color difference and residue. So 1617 are garbage too now.


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                    Conclusion? No new chips for Macbook and for iMAC?


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                      I was told new 0005 2017 will arrive tomorrow. Let see


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                        I just got a factory spool with 360 of them, date code 1125, no fakery. Also got a roll of 0001, date code 1141, not tested yet but looks fine.
                        My Chinese also has new stock of 2017 0005 now, so it seems something has arrived.


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                          is chinese code for aliexpress?


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                            No I have my trusted Chinese I buy from. If I share that here all chips will be gone next week, sorry.
                            Also the spool of 360 chips I got I sourced from a EU company. No idea where they got it, but it is the REAL deal.


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                              That's cool, I tell everyone with the 2011 to part it out and sell on ebay and not waste their time and money , mostly because no one here can replace the gpus


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                                I just got some good 1617 today.


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