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[SOLVED]820-3115 Keyboard & Trackpad Problem

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  • [SOLVED]820-3115 Keyboard & Trackpad Problem

    Hello Everybody

    I'm working on liquid damaged around EFI macbook PRO, Cleaned and replaced few resistors and capacitors looking bad . Machine starting with out problem but when loaded OS stop working keyboard and trackpad. For example when i push down alt key when starting machine shows boot device and working trackpad and keyboard at this time. when i select OS and come login screen stops work keyboard and trackpad. Tried different OS,keyboard,trackpad. Pulled down every things like airport ,DVD,battery indicator,camera but nothing changed.

    Note: when OS started single user mode keyboard also working.

    Any idea?

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    Check all pins from trackpad connector to U5701. Also check 18V to trackpad, it must be plugged in when testing.


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      When i checked trackpad connector to U5701 every line OK, 18.5V and 3.42V OK.
      Replaced U5701,U5750,Q5701 nothing changed. When i press option key at start up trackpad and keyboard working at this screen(trackpad click doesnt work also its interesting) but after select disk for startup ( tried different OS,external drive etc) keyboard and trackpad not working.


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        Is the TP/KBD recognized in the OS under USB devices?


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          Yes in system profile shows in usb device...


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            Disconnect trackpad only and see if keyboard keeps working. Fan will run high


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              Sorry Duke i try it but same thing fan start to high speed and keyboard also doesnt work My brain burned i cant understand what is happening...

              When i start to mac os in verbose mode and hitting caps lock key ( for led status) capslock led turning on and off until bluetooth driver load after loaded this drive stoping led turn on and off... (Bluetooth and wifi card disconnected)


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                I have no clue really, did you try a PRAM reset?


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                  Yes i tried PRAM and SMC reset doesnt change... Is it could be cause by SMC ( machine came liquid damaged SMC are but working every things with out keyboard and trackpad) I was reflow SMC didint change..

                  I spoke few pc notebook repair tech. , they suggest I/O controller replace (they called ENE chip) but in apple board doesn't have ENE so SMC is same thing?

                  Do you think i have to try replace SMC?
                  Last edited by machelper; 07-02-2016, 05:47 PM.


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                    I doubt SMC has anything to do with this. Check Q5701 if button disable is high, also PSOC_WAKE_L.


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                      Thank you for suggestion dukefawks after your post checked SMC_LID and its shorted ground... Replaced SMC solved problem now working keyboard and trackpad without problem.


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