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MBA A1466 820-00165 no green light, no boot

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    I can buy these diodes here in Canada, and get them faster than from China of course. Would a 1W diode be appropriate in this application?


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      D7012 has a very low current for its zener voltage
      Bigger diodes could require higher current to enter in zener zone.
      Check datasheet specifications of the one you want to buy.
      0.25-0.5W will work for sure; probably 1W too, just try.

      You can short D7012 to ground and use fake charger, it should work...


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        OK so have to admit defeat. I gave up on the board and the zener diodes, just purchased another logic board and just installed it. Still no light on the charger, no boot. Could it be the DC in board which is causing my problem? I also disconnected the keyboard when trying to boot, in order to make sure that no short in the keyboard would interfere. But nada.
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          Nevermind, she did boot up after all with my new logic board. Appears that the battery is fried and the machine will shut down immediately when I plug it in. The LCD screen was shaky, but stabilized and now is going without flicker....I am getting a new battery and call is a day.


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            Just buy a fake charger for the original board.
            It should then work with a simple short instead of D7012.


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