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820-00165 No keyboard and mouse in Mac OS X

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  • 820-00165 No keyboard and mouse in Mac OS X

    I have a motherboard 820-00165 where I have the keyboard and mouse that no longer work on Mac OS X.
    What's odd though is that the keyboard works fine when booting, I can do an Alt + Cmd + P + R or a Cmd + D or Cmd + R without worries.
    So I suddenly made several PRAM reset but nothing.
    In Internet Recovery Mode (Cmd + R), the mouse and keyboard do not work either.
    But in diagnostic mode (Cmd + D) yes.
    I tried to reinstall Mac OS X by formatting the SSD (10.10 to 10.13 with all updates), but nothing, still the same problem.
    The card is undergoing a surge, it did not start at first but I fixed it in addition to the backlight and now I have this problem.

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    Check all traces and resistors related with SPI mode for trackpad connector.
    Also check U4810 area for corrosion.
    Post U4810 voltages into OSX.


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      1: 3.30V
      2: 0V
      3: 3.30V
      4: 0V
      5: 3.30V
      6: 3.30V
      7: 0V
      8: 3.30V
      No traces of corrosion on U4810.


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        I just saw that I miss the R4852.


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          U4810 looks good.
          Check all traces and resistors SPI related.
          Don't forget to try other trackpad board/flex.


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            In the end I saw that all the solder pads of R4852 had been ripped out so impossible to change or at worst to bridle. The only solution I saw on the diagrams is to run a thread from a pad to pin 9 of the keyboard / mouse connector. But it's way too small for my material.


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