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820-00165 Liquid, no chime/ideo

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  • 820-00165 Liquid, no chime/ideo

    This board came in with a very small amount of liquid damage on U1950 around pins 1.2.3 & 4 and directly on C5125. The rest of the board is very clean including SMC area and clock area. Replaced the damaged components. I now have fan spin with 1.8V on CPU_VCORE but no chime, no video. Light on usb mouse blinks once in a while, it's never solid. PPVRTC - 3.3V

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    Do you get 3v at pin 3/U1950?
    Check all SPI Bus Termination Resistors and traces for U6100.
    Try new BIOS too.


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      Swapping BIOS did the trick! There was absolutely zero liquid in that area, what do you think effected it? Thank you for your help!

      Should I replace the entire chip and firmware or just firmware you think?

      I do have a programmer but have yet to use it yet. Should I just youtube on how to use it and where would I find the correct firmware? Up until now I have just been buying pre programmed chips.

      Thanks again! Have a great day.

      Update -

      Found a dump file for this board and reprogrammed the original chip. Computer turns on but is ridiculously slow. Its been sitting on the desk loading to OS for about 10 minutes now. I guess Im looking for another dump?

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        Yeah you need a clean ME region which is likely why it's so slow. 2informaticos can help you with the dump file.


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          Hey thanks for the input man! I have found a working BIOS, but I wasn't able to backup my previous BIOS to swap the ME region. Uggg, hopefully I'm not screwed.


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            Search the forum, you should find some clean dumps already uploaded for this board...

            I remember dukefawks advised long time ago for BIOS corruption on these boards, even it wasn not in the SPI area.
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              Great thanks!


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                Board is fixed. All set, thanks!


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