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820-3209 - No image

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  • 820-3209 - No image

    Hi Gents, 820-3209A (no image)

    19v on SMPS and draws 0.633 amp.

    So far i have:
    PP3V3_S0 = 3.3
    PP1V8_S0 = 1.8
    PP1V5_S3 = 1.5
    PP1V5_S0 = 1.5
    PPVTTDDR_S3 = 0.680 (my DMM sometimes shows lower voltage) i think its good enough 0.75v.)
    DDRREG_FB = 1.3
    DDREG_EN = 3.3
    PPVCCSA_S0_CPU = 0.8
    PP1V5_S3_CPU_VCCDQ = 1.5
    PP1V05_S0_CPU_VCCPQE = 1.05
    SMC_LID = 3.4
    PP1V8_S0_CPU_VCCPLL_R = 1.8
    PP1V05_SUS = 1.05
    ALL_SYS_PWRGD = 3.3
    PP1V05_S0_PCH_VCCADPLL = 1.05
    PLT_RST = 3.3

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    Missing backlight and image at same time?
    Did you try external monitor?
    Also test for USB activity.


    • #3
      1. USB activity is missing

      2. Backlight and no image. correct!

      3. External monitor, nothing. black screen


      • #4
        No reason to search image, if not even get USB activity.
        Did you try one known good DDR module at a time, on each slot?
        Also try new BIOS.

        Any history available?


        • #5
          i have usb activitiy now....

          Customer said the macbook wont charge and is dead.

          I changed the clock IC Y2705 and it started to work again. but now it wont show any image now and only drawing .600 amp.. thats what I have so far. i'll continue to hunt down more clues..


          • #6
            Can you confirm USB activity for sure?
            Use USB OSX pendrive, with Link LED.
            Also test external video.

            Post some voltages for LCD connector.
            Still missing both backlight and image?

            Sorry for RAM test, I was thinking about an iMac.,.


            • #7
              I reball the SMC and change it to a new one, there was a trace broken under the smc on: SMC_PBUS_VSENSE LINE. i ran a jumper... that might have been the cause of the problem, because i previously changed the SMC a few times(stupidly) probably pulled it by then. However, now I have image and the board is booting up like normal with an image. But the problem is now the keyboard and trackpad is not working. So new problems.. Will revert back to this with details. thanks 2informaticos
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                Check known good trackpad flex/board.
                Keyboard communicates with PCH through trackpad circuitry.
                Be sure all voltages arrive to J5700; check R5730 and L5720.
                Also check traces continuity to U5700.


                • #9
                  Ok, I will check that and revert back. the problem could be with PCH.. . If its not the trackpad and flex/board as u described.. earlier the PCH became very hot. when I didnt have any image. maybe that was because I used 2.5 amp with SMPS the PCH got hot... or maybe some short inside of it, because a crystal clock was damaged earlier. However, I will check your info and revert back to this thread. thanks.


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