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820 2850, uefi problems

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    Hey 2informaticos!

    I think it not be necessary to open another post. i need help with another machine with bios problem! This machine shuts down after 1 - 2 minutes. I already try the bios that you post on top and the machine works fine keeping on but with some bugs!this on the processor it's I7 i don't know if have difference... I think with one clean ME on bios solve the problem! i try to clean with LBE but like you say this is not the right way! can you help me with that?



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      I'll try to find some free time later today...


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        Not needed for today. thanks


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          when it's possible please help me! Thanks


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            The previous BIOS is clean ME.
            What bugs you have with it?
            If you want to change serial number, just replace entire Fsys area with the one from your backup.


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              I don't know how is it possible the previous bios to be clean! If i read from a working machine.. in this case the machine it's mine i bought from a client!


              1st the machine didn't show image. I Replace the graphic chip with one i had used and the mac start working well!

              Whiling tested the machine i noticed that machine Freezes!

              One time ago you help me to solve a problem like that.. The machine passed all ASD tests, memory frequency pc3-8500s, C7771 repaced etc.. And the problem was solved replacing again the Graphic chip.

              On this mac i have now, i bought again another original chip from a trusted guy i usually buy but the machines keep going down 2-3 min after enter in operating system!

              And in this case i notice the bios on this motherboard was touched!

              I already Reballing 2 times this motherboard to be sure that chip was soldered well!

              I need a working Bios before buying another graphic chip!


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                "I don't know how is it possible the previous bios to be clean! If i read from a working machine.. in this case the machine it's mine i bought from a client!"
                I was reffering to the file uploaded on Google drive.

                "Whiling tested the machine i noticed that machine Freezes!"
                Did you change C9560???
                Do NOT use hot air!!!


                • #23
                  "Did you change C9560???"
                  This is the first thing i do in these models 8020 2850!

                  The file uploaded on google drive it's the original one i was read!

                  Need help to build a new bios!


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                    I couldn't upload the file from your board, believe me!


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                      =) heheh, you made me laugh!

                      Do you have some bios for 820 2850 processor i7 with fresh ME?

                      The last file i was post on google drive it's the original file of the board. Medusa it's able to check if the file is good?


                      • #26
                        I was reffering to the file uploaded by me on Google drive.
                        It has clean ME, as explained you.

                        I will try to build new one from you backup, when I get time.
                        In the meantime, try what I said about swapping Fsys area...


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                          Thank you Mr.Vali! My doubt is were is Fsys area on this bios. in another post you say: " change Fsys area (Fsys <--> $SVS marking strings)"

                          But in this bios i cant find ┬žSVS ...

                          But i already decided that i will buy a medusa from Ccmizapper! I don't want take more time from you and me because a clean_me, Fsys, etc. What you recommend Medusa 2 or Medusa 3 ? thanks


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                            Hey 2informaticos, sorry for boring you but i need your help to build a bios! Please, can you try to build a new one from my old bios??


                            i wont bore you anymore related to Bios because i already bought a medusa 2! But only next week arrive! I need to solve this problem this week because this process have more a 3 weeks.. and i need to solve the problem to the client!

                            when you have some time please help me.



                            • #29
                              thank you!!!!
                              Last edited by Noguinfor; 3 weeks ago.


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                                I don't ignore anybody.
                                My Medusa tool is broken and din't recieve a new one yet.
                                I just sent your file to a friend and I wait to get it back soon.

                                BTW this job can be done manually and all necessary information is already on the forum.
                                However I prefer to do it with Medusa.

                                You speak to soon and you have no idea about my problems...


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