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820-3662 intermittent shut down

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  • 820-3662 intermittent shut down


    I got this MacBook Pro 15 late 2013 with integrated graphics only

    Was a lot dust inside but apart from that board is looking very clean. I cleaned all dust away. No liquid or corrosion or anything like that.

    The problem is that it shuts down intermittently. Sometimes after 5 minutes usage sometimes longer up to 20 minutes.

    When it does the shut down the image disappears but backlight stays on for 5-10 seconds before it turns off. Then I can push the power button and it starts up again with no sign that it had just crashed.

    It does not store anything in the log files and ASD EFI and OS runs through without failures. The owner claims that it never got hit or dropped or something like it.

    I was wondering if anyone could lead me on the way especially because of the way it crashes with the backlight still on for a little while before shut down.

    Thanks all

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    Yeah these issues are the worst. I doubt I could figure this one out so if there is no liquid anywhere this is not going to happen.
    Do try to disconnect the keyboard and as many as possible other things to rule them out.


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