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[SOLVED]820-3437 - PPBUS_G3H is showing .OL on multimeter

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    Hi Duke, As advised by not connecting the power and measuring the resistance to ground on PPBUS the multimeter does not show any change. When multimeter is turned on into Ohms, it stays at OL and on measuring the components, R7006, R5501, Pin 4 of Q5500, Pin 2 of R5450 and R5430 there is no change in the multimeter reading and it continues to stay at OL. Please advice further. Basically what does OL mean ? Smiba mentioned on the forum that it mean Overload, I was told by someone it means Open Line. Please advice what is the correct way to interpret OL, and also further troubleshooting this problem. Regards Raj.


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      I have no idea. Read the user manual for your multimeter on how to use this.


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        Hi Duke, Forget the multimeter, Basically what am I supposed to check when the meter in Ohms. Let me get this straightened and then I can probably get you a better answer. I see that the multimeter shows 3.42 volts on PP3V42_G3H. If I have to check PPBUS, under Volt DC mode, what voltage should I get. Please advice.


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          Around 8V, but you need to know if there is a short. Learn how to use a multimeter or just stop with this.


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            Hi Duke and Rossmanngroup team,

            Let me start this again. Please be patient with me. Here is what I am doing and now you please advice me what is that I am doing wrong. I am trying to put everything in step form.
            1. Connect logic board to power.

            2. Measure voltage on PP3V42_G3H - All are present. I get 3.44 V on every component where PP3V42_G3H should be present.

            3. Measure voltage on PPBUS_G3H - Keeping the power connected. Touch the black probe on Ground ( a screw hole ) and Red probe on the component where PPBUS_G3H should be present. NOW Here I read the voltage on the Multimeter and the screen reads .OL. Every component wherever PPBUS_G3H should be present I get .OL.

            Now what does this indicate.

            Secondly here is what i did as well.

            Disconnected the power adapter from the logic board.

            I put the multimeter in Diode mode ( arrow pointing to the right with a small straight line ) and then keeping the RED probe to the ground ( a screw hole ) and the black probe to the component where PPBUS_G3H should be present and the multimeter reads 0.115V.

            Does my working above make sense to you. If not please advice me what is wrong I am doing so that I can correct myself.

            Thanks and Regards, Raj.


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              Hi vaswaniraj,
              Are you sure your voltmeter mode is not set to a lower range? Something like 0-5V?
              Autorange? Check with a 9v battery and see if you still have OL.


              • #22
                Hi Jadao, Yes you were correct. My sincere apologies, I was not setting my range correctly. Instead of setting it to 00.00, I was setting it to 0.000 due to which any component that I was measuring I was getting .OL.

                Ok so now PPBUS_G3H is present and PP3V42_G3H is also present.

                Further troubleshooting steps please. I will be very honest, in my life I have never used a multimeter, I am sorry for the errors that I have doing so far. But after this I know that I will not make this kind of error.


                • #23
                  So what is the voltage on PPBUS?


                  • #24
                    voltage on PPBUS 8.60V.


                    • #25
                      Was this liquid damage?


                      • #26
                        Yes it was liquid damaged and the customer changed the keyboard and trackpad himself, after which it worked for almost 9 months and then it shut down on him.


                        • #27
                          Voltage on L7560 and L7520? Did you check for corrosion around U6100 and U1950?


                          • #28
                            Hi Duke, The voltage on L7560 = 3.33V

                            The voltage on L7520 = 0 V

                            I don't see any corrosion around U6100 and neither on U1950.

                            Is L7520 supposed to be 0V ?

                            Because from the schematics I see it, should have 5V.

                            Please advice.


                            • #29
                              Check board for corrosion, it must be somewhere.


                              • #30
                                Hi Duke, I looked over the complete board, but I don't see any corrosion. The only green corrosion is see is by the SD Card reader. Some of the probe points I see are dark red, few are green and most are yellowish. Would a ultrasonic clean help ?


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