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[SOLVED]820-3437 - PPBUS_G3H is showing .OL on multimeter

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    Give it a clean, won't make it any worse.


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      Ok let me try giving a ultrasonic clean. Will get back to you.

      Around how much time should i put it into the cleaner and at what temperature.

      Please advice.



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        I have no idea depends on which machine you have and what liquid you're using.


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          I have Crest CP500D and I use Branson EC with Distilled water.


          • #35
            5-7 minutes or something.


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              Ok, Thanks Duke. But troubleshooting wise you don't see anything wrong ? I was watching one of the videos of Louis where he has mentioned that PP5V_S0 is not present and then the computer will not come on. I checked the voltage on U8180 and it shows 0 ( Zero Volts ) Do you think I am going in the right direction ? Please advice.


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                Hi Duke / Louis, I Ultrasonic the motherboard, the components are all clean and shiny, but still the fan does not spin. When I connect the logic power to the magsafe adapter, the light stays orange, but the fan does not come on. I checked the following rails and here are my findings.

                PPBUS_G3H = 8.59 V
                PP3V42_G3H = 3.33 V
                PP5V_S5 = 5.02 V
                PP5V_S0 = 0.00 V
                PP5V_S4RS3 = 0.00 V
                PPVRTC_G3H = 3.33 V
                PPDCIN_G3H = 16.51 V
                PPDCIN_G3H_ISOL = 16.51 V
                PPDCIN_G3H = 16.51 V

                From the above I see that I am missing the voltages on PP5V_S0 and PP5V_S4RS3.

                How can I get the 5V on these power rails.

                Is it because of the 5V rails as mentioned above having 0 V the computer is not coming on and the fan is not spinning.

                Can you please help me with the further in troubleshooting.

                Regards, Raj.


                • #38
                  Could be anything. The usual suspects are U6100 and the resistors in the data lines, U1950 especially pin 8 and U1900.


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                    Hi Duke, As per your advice I checked all the resistors in the data lines and none of them are short to ground. Where else should I look for troubleshooting. I even tried to watch some of the videos of Louis in relation to 82-3437, but still am unable to solve the motherboard and make it turn on. Please help me troubleshoot further. Louis, your interference is required, if you don't mind. Thanks Raj.


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                      Raj--I get that you are trying desperately to learn, but WHAT THE FUCK!
                      This has got to be as frustrating for you as it is for everyone else to read. You are just guessing randomly and there is no logic here at all, or even basic common sense.

                      Fixing boards is learning to use logic, and combining that logic with tools to measure and rule out possible failures to arrive at the most likely failure. You need to learn analytical reasoning, then you need to really understand the tools and how to use them.

                      One of the core things that everyone who has ever diagnosed and fixed a board have in common is the ability to recognize when something doesn't make sense, and then go attempt to figure out why.
                      Have you ever, on this or any other forum, EVER heard anyone reporting any voltage as "OL"? Neither have I. This is like someone asking "How fast is your car going?" And you say "24 centimeters"
                      This MUST jump out at you as totally wrong, if not, we can't help you. If you recognize that OL doesn't make sense for a voltage reading, logic says you ask yourself "How do I set my multimeter up to read voltage, have I done it wrong?" Then you read about your multimeter. You come up with a test--something that does have a voltage, like an AA battery, and you use your multimeter to measure that just to see if it gives the 1.5v answer that it should. If it does not, then study your multimeter until you figure out how to set it to read 1.5v when you put the probes on either side of a battery. If you can't, then you go to the hardware store and find one that does this simple task.

                      No one can help you grow in your ability to understand things for yourself if you can't be trusted to post accurate answers to the most basic multimeter questions.
                      If you say "Yes I have 3.42 volts" on one rail, but "OL" on another rail---showing that you don't know how to take a voltage reading, AND that you are not capable of recognizing this and figuring out on your own how to get your tools to work---then that means that our analytical reasoning of "Can we solve the problem of teaching Raj to fix boards" is going to look like this.
                      "Have you explained to Raj how to take a multimeter reading?"
                      "Does he remember this?"
                      "Not really"
                      "Does he at least recognize that his readings don't make sense and something is wrong with his multimeter?"
                      "No. Someone has to point it out to him."
                      "When someone points it out is he able to understand"
                      "I think so, but I doubt he will remember in a month"
                      "Ok, then it is 90% likely that Raj will never be able to fix boards and everyone answering his questions are wasting their time."

                      You are dangerously close to alienating everyone here who is willing to help you learn this.

                      From my perspective, I think you owe the group some ANSWERS instead of QUESTIONS in order to restore faith in the hope of others that you are in fact teachable.
                      I posted a Homework question for you in PBRS group which you didn't answer. So here are some more.

                      Homework #1 Complete three pages of a game of Sudoku. It is a simple game of logic. Your primary difficulty is in mastering the basic skill of analytical reasoning. When it doesn't come naturally, you have to work on it. Here's a link.

                      Homework #2 Explain for me what the heck is the difference between computer "sleep states" You HAVE to figure this out YOURSELF from the resources at your fingertips--Louis's videos and the internet.

                      Answer these correctly and I bet you can inspire Duke or Louis to stop automatically sending your messages to trash for a few days.
                      1.) Is a rail labeled s5 the same as s0?
                      2.) Do they come on at the same time?
                      3.) Does one generate the other? i.e Do s4 rails come from s3 rails or s5 rails?
                      4.) Which would be more important to troubleshoot first---a missing s4 rail or a missing s0 rail?

                      Keep in mind that I have never fixed a MacBook beyond the most basic obvious problems, so my knowledge base of MacBook board problems is pretty limited. If even I know what sleep states are---then this means it is BASIC STUFF. You need to know this. You've already been to training. It should ring a bell somewhere in that noggin. Look it up and figure this out and how it might be relevant to your problem.

                      Come back when you have done your homework.


                      • #41
                        Also answer all questions. Duke asked about resistors around U6100. You said they weren't shorted to ground, but what about their resistance? What about U1950 pin 8? You completely ignored U1950 pin 8. You ask questions without answering the ones he already asked.
                        Last edited by larossmann; 12-02-2016, 01:03 AM.


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                          Hi Duke / Louis, Can this post be closed / Solved, as this logic board was repaired by you. Thanks and Regards,


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