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How much to charge as a flat rate

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  • How much to charge as a flat rate

    I have just gotten into board repair. Have been a technician for other electronics for several years but am just now specializing on laptop/macbook boards. I'm thinking of doing a flat rate. What would be a good charge for macbook board repairs? I see may mail in places will charge anywhere between 100 to 300 dollars for just board repair and over 300 dollars for complete disassembly and mail back of the computer. I wont be doing mail in service and am in Chicago. Can someone give me an idea of what a good rate for these repairs is? What about phone boards?
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    What part of Chicago? I think somewhere between $250-$425 depending on model is fine. there are people doing it for $79-$110 but for the most part that seems to scream of a lack of reputation, or just senseless devaluing of the craft for newer devices, especially complex board issues. In an expensive city that is filled with people & successful companies, people should be ok with paying at least $250 to have a qualified, experienced, reputable person do the job quickly and properly.


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      Appreciate it. I still have some way to go learning the specifics of macbook board repair but my previous experience is carrying over well. I'm in the south side of Chicago.


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        I have a signed copy of this man's book on Flat Rate pricing. He trained me well for many years of success in the Milwaukee area residential plumbing repair market space. Read this article.
        Above and beyond what is learned by this man's school of thought on success in business - I must add one more hard-earned lesson: the psychology games.
        If your prices are posted (CAREFULLY generic)...the customer looks at the price board and doesn't question it. They accept the word of the board. No questioning "Does this board seem to have confidence in the price it just said?" Price delivery with on the spot sales requires a straight face and a mutual sense that the ball is now on the customer's side of the court and you look like you really meant it. You're not there to make friends. It's not a hobby. If they're mad because of the price - you've priced it right! (If they don't get mad = either it's not priced high enough or it's so high that they know they aren't gonna pay it, therefor they don't care and don't get mad.) When do we start putting YOUR money into your problem? YES! it's rude. very direct and blunt. LET THEM GO TO APPLE! If they can't respect and appreciate the value of your services - you don't WANT them. I actually collect competitor's business cards for just this sort of window shopper. Good luck. - Milwaukee Mac Repair


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