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Anyone Quick 861dw hot air

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  • Anyone Quick 861dw hot air

    anyo e using this hot air station?
    is it stable so not like a air pump shaming the tabel?
    How do you like it.
    And Where did you buy it

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    I have the 861 da in the UK. [email protected] amazing thing. I used to use a Hakko FR810, but due to wanting bent hot air tips that Hakko don't do I had to look elsewhere then found the Quick. It is up to temperature in seconds where as the Hakko takes minutes. It hurts not using the Hakko as much as it cost more than the Quick and at the end of the day it is due to the tips I needed.


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      My review of it vs the Hakko FR-810:
      We now sell it:

      My Weller WHA900 has been demoted to "third desk" station


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        Already have the station for 10+ months forgot about this post.
        But its a Great station.


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          Just ordered the Quick 861dw after Louis' video, the FR-810B is a pain in the ass with removing large chips. Just seeing how fast those ram chips were removed from the motherboard made me grab my wallet already.
          Funny thing is that selling my FR-810 with the two nozzles I have will probably sell for more then the Quick 861dw goes for NEW

          Can't wait for it to come in
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            It's a great station.


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              Received it a couple of days ago and nice improvement over the FR-810! Only thing I notice is that the nozzle is not as long so a big chunk of it is in front of my microscope.

              But totally worth it


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                Nice improvement is an understatement.

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