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​ 1080p Amsope microscope camera, VIDEO qulity bad

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  • ​ 1080p Amsope microscope camera, VIDEO qulity bad

    I bought 1080p 60fps camera from Amscope. quite expensive, but qulity is nothing like on Louis's videos
    and this lens:

    I also have 0.5 reduction lens

    I uploaded my first video:

    What software louis used to correct colours live? or it is just supplier quality camera?

    I also notice that focus is not even on this camera, When I focus on center, left side will be out of focus.

    Is this camera is really bad or I am missing something.
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    Doesn't look too bad to me. Most likely lighting is the issue. Try brighter light and/or different color temps.
    The focus problem could be something is not aligned right. Depth of focus is pretty small in these set ups, so if camera sensor is on an angle relative to the item under the scope the focus will not be even.


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      I clicked expecting it to look like shit and it looks like mine. What about it don't you like?

      In terms of focus, that's all in the mount. I have had that problem with some high end ones, search my channel for word and you'll see. I use an SZMCTV1/2 but the problem is every few months they make these requiring different mounts which is a big part of the problem.


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