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Minor question re: I/O cables on 3662/3787 units.

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  • Minor question re: I/O cables on 3662/3787 units.

    Is there a way to remove these cables without constantly bending the metal end "clips" inside the connector? It's pretty annoying having to press them back down into place whenever we remove a cable from one of these units. They seem to get caught on the "barbs" on the cable itself no matter how we pull them. Not a big problem, but after removing the cable 4-5 times from one board, they often break off and separate, which makes the cable a bit looser-fitting.

    Just curious if there's some trick that I'm not privy to. Minor problem, but would be nice if the cable design didn't suck so bad (which I know they resolved for 2015 models, and which wasn't an issue with 2012/e2013 models).
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    Yes, you lift up the latch under the foam cover. Don't lift it up all the way as it will pop out and is a nightmare to get it back in.


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      I'll be damned, I've never, ever noticed that latch before. Taken apart a hundred of these, and have just been plucking the cables up. Jesus Christ, this seems like a case of over-engineering. Thanks, duke.


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