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Ultrasonic cleaner getting started

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  • Ultrasonic cleaner getting started

    Hi folks,

    I just got an ultrasonic cleaner. Crest P1200D-45.
    Included instructions are limited to the operation of the hardware so I'm wondering if someone here can give me a few good starting points.
    I got Branson EC, distilled water, ready to mix 5 parts cleaner to 100 parts water and operate at 60C (as per Branson EC instructions). What I am unsure about is time, for starters.
    Assuming your average liquid spill with moderate corrosion etc, do I put it in for 5 minutes? 10 minutes? Do I flip it around after each cycle so it can hit both sides of the board or is that not required?

    Also, the included instructions or information I can find online do not mention I should use this in a well ventilated area. Does this stuff smell or present health concerns when in operation?

    Appreciate any info you can give me

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    I typically run a board for 2 minutes on both sides, and it cleans it pretty well. If it's REALLY nasty corrosion, I may let it sit for 5-10 minutes or so on both sides, but if it looks really fucked, I don't have high hopes for them in the first place


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      Thanks John
      And you run it at 60C as well?
      What can you tell me about smell/using this in a small space?


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        Yeah that’s a fine temp. As far as smell, keeping the lid usually keeps it away. I’d recommend changing out the water at least 1-2 weeks out if you ultrasonic lots of boards


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          I use mine in a small space and it stinks the place up when the contents are warmed up, even with the lid closed. Worth mentioning that I use ES132 instead of Branson. There's a window right by my cleaner, but the weather isn't always accomodating. Given that the smell is bad and its most likely not very healthy, I'm going to be adding some form of additional fume extraction just for the cleaner.


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