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  • Good morning,
    I have a Surface Laptop 4 that doesn't turn on and doesn't charge, I haven't found a diagram or a board, if I connect the type-C power supply it stays at 5V (I think it should go to 15V?), by paying do you happen to have the possibility of find the diagram? (1953 mb rev 3.01) I found a line with the current pulsing. Thank you
    HI,I have an imac a1311 820-3126a which has a problem with the two USB ports and the Bluetooth, the camera, the SD card reader and the other two USB ports work, the components connected to the U3600 do not work,
    I have a MacBook a1708 820-00840 that turns on with the question mark folder, the SSD is working (I have already tried with another SSD, same problem), I have the schematic and the board, I have no obvious short circuits, around the SSD the currents are correct apart from ISNS_3V3SSD_IOUT which is absent. What could it be? any suggestions? Thank you
    Salve, innanzitutto grazie per la risposta, ho un adattatore con SSD M2, l'ho provato per escludere un problema con l'SSD originale. Farò i controlli e gli esami da te suggeriti. Grazie
    Hi, I bypassed L8600 and L8602 even though I had the correct currents at both ends but I didn't solve the problem. I'll give you the measurements I checked.
    1.PP3v3_SSD_FLT -3,327v 2.PP3v3_S5_SSD_SNS -3.327V
    1.PPBUS_SSD_FLT 13,10V 2. PPBUS_G3H_SSD -13,09V

    SSD_RESET_L - 3,295 V SSD_CLKREQ_L - 3,307 V SSD_EN 3,295 V
    I've problem on MacBook Air 2015 13" which randomly shuts down. Sometimes shuts down at loading screen. Sometimes shuts down after booting for 5 minute. Sometimes it works normally for 1-2 hour. But shuts down again. I can also recreate shutdown by moving the laptop. Battery is normal @ 509 power cycle and works for 5-6 hours. I've reinstalled OS, Reset SMC and PRAM etc. Can u pls tell me what can be the issue?
    I did all steps to Clean ME Region. But stuck on last steps for flashing bios file. Do u know what tool is required to flash New BIOS, Clean ME supported for MacBook Air 2015? And also I didn't find any video or steps to BIOS flashing in MAC?
    Hi! When checked in terminal using log show --predicate 'eventMessage contains "Previous shutdown cause"' --last 24h, I'm getting

    2024-01-19 00:12:36.059366+0545 0xc0 Default 0x0 0 0 kernel: (AppleSMC) Previous shutdown cause: -128

    2024-01-19 00:14:31.064391+0545 0xc0 Default 0x0 0 0 kernel: (AppleSMC) Previous shutdown cause: -128
    If turns off when move the machine, possibly broken trace, bad solders.

    You can use CH341 programmer for BIOS; need to remove the chip in this case.
    Hello, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. Are you able to download files from Chinafix? I have an Acer IPISB-VR 1.01 MB and apparently the BIOS in the link below unlocks Ivy Bridge support. I believe these are the only two files that exist on that thread "ACER IPISB-VR 1.01.rar" and "BIOS_Gateway_P03.A3_A_A.zip". Please and thank you.

    Chinafix thread: https://www.chinafix.com/thread-1029616-1-1.html
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    Sorry, I don't have access there.
    Official website doesn't provide necessary update?
    Unfortunately no. The old Gateway site redirects to Acer now and they don't provide BIOS files. Web-archive has some parts of the old site but none of the files are archived or they redirect to Acer. Chinafix is the only place I found a potential download so far, everything else is just old links that don't work anymore or aren't archived either. I'll keep looking or I might just give up on the board. Thanks anyway!
    Did you try to search the BIOS by computer model?
    Don't make the classic mistake to look by board model; never do that!
    Same board may be used on different machines, with distinct configurations.
    Hey 2informaticos, I was referred to you from mon2 from Badcaps. We have a 2019 16" A2141 with an issue. Board turns on, and DFU REVIVE is successful on this board, customer wants the data recovered, we put the computer in Target disk mode and plug up a Thunderbolt cable, our A2141 sees the computers drive in disk utility however we get an error DISK CANNOT BE UNLOCKED DUE TO ERROR message.
    Also, the computer will boot loop when trying to launch or load OS, there is no login screen when we do internet recovery it downloads fully then when it launches it restarts, we tried an external and recovery and no luck, Target disk mode it does not restart but the drive won't let us unlock it.
    Sorry for delay, I didn't the message before.
    Find an workshop with Apple account; they can try to recover data in DFU mode.
    Hello friend, I have a problem with a 2013 iMac, I updated its disk and ram to SSD in the price, the display connection had a problem and it burned L9100, it was replaced and the fan continues without being on, can you help me?
    Sorry, I didn't see the message before.
    Did you test USB activity and external video?


    can you help me I got a problem
    I need to know can I change A2485 display with another original one /will true tone work/ or any other issues
    customer display got broken by my staff
    can you reply me
    You must change two chips from display electronics.
    We talked about this problem on the forum.

    If you search for that display on Aliexpress, you will get some pictures with the chips you need to change.
    yo he recuperado varias baterias de MacBook con NLBA1; algunas con muy pocos ciclos, 2-53.
    Es un problema clasico de los portatiles que se usan siempre conectados a la corriente.
    Si las baterias no trabajan de vez en cuando, terminan bloqueandose.
    Sin embargo, necesitaras tener licencia de reset comprada.

    tengo un portatil que ha estado 2 años en su caja y ahora da un error con la batería. Sabes si puedo despertarla con el NBLA1? Es de mac book air A2337?

    saludos y gracia
    hi good morning i was wondring if u can help u have spoke about the situation before i have a A1708 820-00840-A I can'tfind the PI3USB32224BXEAE on the schematics i want to fix two pads but i dont know where theygo can you help please
    I got an 820--01521-a that powers on, chime but does display the apple logo then reboots and continues in that way
    e no momento tenho uma placa de um teclado mac air 820-00165A e trackpad no osx não funciona suponho que seja o PCH
    Welcome to the forum!

    Please, use an english translator.
    If trackpad and keyboard works before login to macOS, then you have a problem enabling SPI mode.
    Check all TPAD_SPI_ resistors.

    Post your problem on the forum, to get faster reply...

    I would like to email Louis directly but I cannot find his email through YouTube etc, as expected and I'm not 'in the business' as far as entertainment goes. I have a few questions for him and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.

    Kind regards,

    Hello, I'm looking for a specific boardview for almost one year and now I found it. But the problem is, it's on chinafix.com and I am not able to sign up. Please if you are able to download this 7z file (or you know someone who has access) and could make it publicly available (or at least just send it to me) I would be very thankful. Best regards https://www.chinafix.com/thread-1265978-1-1.html
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