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  • Hi, I've got the same issue as you had with the LDO_BMC at 0V. Except I've got the 820-00875 board. Do you have a flash image to share? Thanks, Hakim
    Hi there, no sorry i never got around to getting a proper flash dump from one.. i currently have 2 in the shop, but they're being picked up today unfortunately.. If one happens to show up, i can get a dump but don't know when that is of course.
    Have you tried putting a chip from a donor on?
    No. I don't have a repair shop so don't have spare bits unfortunately.

    However, I'm experienced with circuits and PCB design so I thought I'll fix myself or at least try.

    It seems the flash chip isn't getting 3v3, but the typec controller LDO that hooks to the flash power rail is outputting it okay. Was thinking to run a wire to it and see what it does.

    Any suggestions please let me know
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