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  • OLED LCD laser repair tool fixes shorts that cause lines on the display and it is purchasable published on strange parts YouTube channel 7/15/23
    i was watching your older macbook repair videos

    i have a mid 09 13inch pro that has a issue where it tries boot but cant but it has like erratic power drop outs? its fan runs at 100% speed all the time but now it like slows down suddenly and does that like its power is fluctuating at random sometimes it starts to boot but after a couple seconds it dies

    i think is a motherboard power issue what do you think?
    Hi Louis,

    I just saw on YouTube the first USB-C iPhone, a guy make it possible and I'd like to know what do you think about it! He have a few videos explaining the process, I think it's very cool and want to show you, but I didn't found you on Twitter and I don't know how to contact you...

    Hope you can see it, sorry if I annoying you, it wasn't my intention... have a great day!
    Hi Louis,

    First of all, thank you for the video on.... Thinkpads :). I own three of them, but...
    the E13 had a defective screen (was a warranty case),
    the E470 recently started to experience problems with 940MX.
    And now, most Thinkpads (T/P series) have the dram soldered on PCB! Could you please make a small overview of the Thinkpads of different series and comment on the soldered DRAM chip?
    Best wishes!
    Hi, Can you please let me know how I can download the ASD for MacBook Pro Mid2012 non Retina ( MacBook 9.1) , not sure which on I need, I am guessing its both or either one of these two ; ASD 3S150 and /or ASD 3S155 . I need it for a Mac that's outside of the US and cant be brought here for repair. Thank you
    hi sir ! hello from exUSSR countries russian segment laptop service
    Maxim Skridonenko
    I want to send Louis this YouTube link from a lawyer, who also has a channel (Steve Lehto), because it's about his legal insight into some aspects of Right to Repair. However I can't find an appropriate way. Can someone in the group pass this on so Louis has the chance to watch it - if he wants to! Thanks!
    After watching your latest video (the DoTA one). I can safely say you need some help and I've been looking for an excuse to get back into dota.

    Hit me up and I'll spend some time with you and we'll get you on the right track. There's a ton of non twitch-skill-based stuff you could pick up in <30 mins that will help a lot. No catch. Just want to help. Let me know if you'd like to try it sometime.
    Hi larossmann! Hope your well and doing well.

    I am wondering how would i contact you (Louis?) about a Right to repair issue, which i am putting a PHD proposal together for? I have sent a mail ( i hope that was ok) but i am still not sure of how to go about this and don't wish to burn any bridges.

    Please let me know if you would be so kind, and sorry if i have done anything wrong.

    Kind regards Kr0n1c5
    I am just wondering if you have a video on how to fix a macbook air keyboard and track pad that will only respond when forced to reset password but not any other time. Thanks!
    I'm not a subscriber, but I need to submit a message to you that is 3196 characters. Not 420. How can I accomplish that? I'll attempt to post it in chunks as replies to this but if it doesn't work, let me know. Thanks! :)
    Mississippi and with what little time I've actually spent east of that, I've personally confirmed that from the Great Lakes to Louisiana to the tips of Maine to Florida is one giant ant farmish shit show. That means everything from employment opportunity to affordable housing are scarce in comparison. You're a champion for succeeding to the levels you have from where you started, so while you maintain a modest
    disposition, I think it would be hilarious watching you blow shit up out west like a BOSS. The cup of opportunity runneth over on the western half of the country, and there are FAR more favorable political and tax climates to boot.

    Think about your kids. Consider expansion as a means for relocation while retaining what you've already built. Think it over while you take a couple day vacation driving through somewhere
    beautiful like Colorado or Oregon. In any event, I think you'd find it personally invaluable for where you decide to pursue your future from today on the long-term.

    Likewise, I hope you learned something. ;) :) Appreciate your contributions very much. Cheers!

    Hi! Looking forward to learn something about MacBook logic board repair (currently doing iphone + iPhone repair only) Your work has helped me a lot so far in regards to philosophies and customer service. Hope you enjoy your new alcohol dispensers! We use the same at my business :)
    Hi Louis

    I cancelled my subscription (I'm just too busy right now to make full use of it...) but payment was still deducted the next day from Paypal and account reactivated? Can you check it out for me please.
    Louis, where did you get the bent nozzle for your weller? Also, I had talked to steve about bringing my daughter up for training. he was supposed to get with you to ask if it would be ok for me to be there with her. She is only 17.
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