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  • i have similar issue as yours my board 820-01700 U8600 NAND had internal short on PP1V8
    I replaced with one from iphone 11 tried DFU restore but gives err 6
    I didn't tried to program the syscfg, as i only have JC for iphone 7 NANDs also there is 0 info about syscfg for Macs
    and JC support didn't confirm if works for Macs just told me buy P11&try
    before i put the used NAND tried to DFU restore&got err 4005
    Yoel Ren
    i see, thanks for the info, i will try and update to you soon
    Hi Yoel
    Thanks for your reply. I managed to find the short it was C9680.
    I have LED 1 on. No other LEDs are ON

    Have PP1V05_S0_REG=Ov
    C7416 has 4.3V on pin 1 and 0V on pin 2 Therefore U7400 0V on pin 10.

    Both the below read 0V. Therefore U7400 0V.

    They come from the CPU U1000 Ivy bridge.

    CPU issue???

    U3815/ U3820 ?
    Yoel Ren
    @Yush001 maybe you should post your measurement on the forum , because this is my profile and im not a pro..
    I cant it says i dont have sufficient privileges
    I have the same issue you had no LED lights PSU outputting @95% 11.82V
    All rails are good
    G3 Rails
    G3H Rails
    Also good is P12V_S5 and PP5V_S5
    Problem is with PP3V3_S5
    How did you isolate the capacitor that was shorted?
    How to determine whether U7600 is defective?
    Yoel Ren
    I actually have 2 imac with exact short location (that caps), maybe some kind of defect, idk
    Yoel Ren
    Inject voltage can work too
    P5VS4& PP54_S4 has no shorts to ground when multimeter on diode setting
    P3V3S5 components are shorted to ground when multimeter on diode setting
    That is to say all pin on the left of the IC on the schematic is shorted but everything to the right except Vin is not shorted.
    Hi There
    I have have the exact same issue like you have pp3v3_s5 short.
    Pin 1-3, 8-9, 11,13-14,18,23,25-28 =0V
    Pin 4-5 = 4.96V
    Pin 6-7, 24 = 0.4V
    Pin 10 =0.146V
    Pin 12 = 3.85V
    Pin 15= 4.6
    Pin 17= 11.8
    Pin 21 = 4.63
    Yoel Ren
    Well is this the imac 820-3302?
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