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    MACBOOK RETINA 12" (A1534 / EARLY 2016

    This Macbook came in , I found some jelly looking liquid on it which looks like hand sanitizer inside of it , now when i connect it to the amp meter , 20v is present , but pulling 0.21 amp and 4.1 watts , and CPU gets super hot under my thermal camera , before i do anything i would love to get...
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    MACBOOK A1398 820-00163-A No Boot

    Hello , I got this macbook that came in today , the issue is its not booting , when i plug it i can see the orange light , fan spins then battery signs appear but no boot , i disconnected the battery and the same is happening , can i get some help please ? Thank you very much .
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    Macbook A1989 820-00850-A water damage no boot

    This macbook came in after water damage , it does not wanna power on , when I diagnose it , i am getting my 20V on my amp meter , T2 gets hot, no fan spin , I reviewed most of the power lines and no short to ground anywhere , Please help me
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    Macbook Pro A1707 820-00281-A Dead after water damage

    That macbook came to me after water damage , Pulling 0.006 on DCPS and when connect to the USB AMP Meter only was showing 5.23v so i checked U3100 and U3200, so i have found resistor R3033 which a [UPC_XA_HPD_RX] and R3034,[UPC_XA_HPD_RX] and on both sides they measure 0.00v so I Thought...