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  1. Gurmon

    820-01598 Battery

    Hi, Does this board need a battery installed to boot ? Thanks
  2. Gurmon

    Donor Boards

    Hi, Is it just me that cant easily find donor boards for any of the +2018 Apple machines? Repairs going to get much harder without these.
  3. Gurmon

    820-00840-A stuck on 5V. U2890 ROM Firmware Required

    Hi, I have a board here with missing U2890. Basically my mistake, Was replacing the USB-C ports and somehow, it went flying into the abyss of my Solder filtration filter. Anyway, I'm not get PP1V1_UPC_XB_BMC, since I don't know if my donor board has a good ROM chip. Has anybody made a...
  4. Gurmon

    iMac 27" Late 2009 ATI HD 4850 GPU

    Hi, I still get a bunch of these in with dead GPUs. The usual pink vertical lines. The problem being i cant get 216-0732019 or 216-0732025 anymore to replace these dead chips. I have tried from usual suspects from china/singapore and i just get sent dead bullshit garbage reballed shitty...
  5. Gurmon

    A1419 ? 820-00134 5K EMC 2834 - No Image

    Hi, I have a couple of 27? 2015 IMacs that have pretty much the same issue. They both came in with 1 light illuminated on the logic board. Usually this can be a short somewhere, but what I found was Q8470 being faulty. There as a 1V drop across this FET, meaning PM_PGOOD_FET_P12V_S5 was low. I...
  6. Gurmon

    820-01041-A no 20V

    Hi, I?ve got an 820-01041-A that is driving me crazy, so I?m here for a 2nd opinion. I know these boards are fairly new, so there is not that much info out there. The problem is I can?t get this board to get 20V from the charger. PP20V_USBC_TA_VBUS remains at 5V. So, I get the following...
  7. Gurmon

    iCloud lock 820-00923

    Can the icloud lock be removed for the newer Macbook Pros ? The Laptop is not stolen, its from one of my long standing customers who has had their icloud account hacked and machine is held locked for ransom. I have reprogrammed the bios, but it just goes back to the 6 digit unlock code. She...
  8. Gurmon

    216-0810005 Availability

    Hey, I'm just wondering if anyone still has any of the above chips available, or knows anyone that would sell some? I'm clean out and still getting units coming in weekly. Everyone is selling "refurbished" chips. it might be time for me to call a day on these repairs but thought i'd reach out...
  9. Gurmon

    820-4924 bios

    Hi, Can someone please link me to a 820-4924 bios with a cleanME ? thankyou in advance
  10. Gurmon

    820-3437 - Not loading/installing OSX

    Hi All, I have a 820-3437, Liquid spilled. The repair all went ok. The board is alive, except i cant get it to load a OS. Most of the stuff i get these days is from other repair shops, so naturally, someone has already swapped the bios out completely before it was sent to me. The board passes...
  11. Gurmon

    820-3330 - no image (dropped laptop)

    Okay, I’m properly stuck on this one. In fact it’s the second board which I've failed to fix with the same symptoms. Both of these boards are the result of being dropped. The issue is I cannot get an image out, either externally or the LCD. (SMC_LID is 3.3V) The board powers up, chimes, can...
  12. Gurmon

    [SOLVED]820-3787 No image

    This boardis trolling me nicely. I doint know history of the board, its come from a long line of have a go repair shops. However thge board looked intact and not to dicked about with. At first, there was no chime. But ALL the power rails. I reflashed the bios, still no chime. I then replaced...
  13. Gurmon

    820-3332-A - fast fans

    Hi, I got a odd one here, i cant solve. So hoping someone has seen this before. This Laptop came in with no image. This was fixed by soldering around U8900 (i think thats the chip). However, once the laptop gets to the login screen the fans start to ramp up to full speed. I have tried a known...
  14. Gurmon

    [SOLVED]820-3330 intermittent start 1/4 fan spin

    Okay, i'm stuck on this one. There is no liquid spill, board is clean. Board will start up totally fine sometimes, and then cut out into a 1/4 fan spin issue. PPBUS-G3H is bouncing on the scope, as well as PPDCIN-G3H, SMC_PM_G2_EN is also cycling. I have replaced all current sense...
  15. Gurmon

    216-0732019 Woes

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone is having much luck with 216-0732019 chips date codes 0937 & 0943 ? I have also tried 216-0732025 1512 date code. Just cant get a decent chip at the moment. I have 10 here I need to fix asap, with another possible 50 on their way. Im up shit creek,if there is...
  16. Gurmon

    820-2915b Backlight not working

    Hi All, This backlight problem has got me stumped. No liquid spillage, that I can determine. The laptop works fine, except no backlight until the laptop boots to the login screen. SMC_LID = 3.4V I replaced the backlight driver as i was out of iddeas. All resistors measure correct values...
  17. Gurmon

    iMac 27" late 2009/2010

    I have four of these machines gathering dust in the workshop. Now that I have cleared all the 2011 machines, its these suckers turn to find new homes. There's just one problem, they all have fucked GPUs. These all carry a chip I have never replaced before. the ATI 216-0769010. So I ordered...
  18. Gurmon

    [SOLVED]820-3787 - Sensor issues

    Hi, I have a 820-3787 Logic board with numerous sensor issues. Hopefully someone has already cracked this. CPU Proximity -(TC0P) Reads above the high limit CPU Die - (TC1C) Reads above the high limit CPU B Die 1 (TC2C) Reads above the high limit CPU B Die 2 (TC3C Reads above the high limit...
  19. Gurmon

    [SOLVED]820-3476- Freeze at login screen

    Hi All, I have a board here which is pretty much want to smash into a million pieces, however the owner would not be happy if I went through with it. So this board was originally liquid damage. This was repaired about 4 months ago. There where no issues after the repair. It has been brought...
  20. Gurmon

    820-2828 Imac 27" 2011 - GPU issue

    Hi All, Quite a few names on here i already recognise from AR & CM forums. Anyway, I have a slightly different issue with this iMac 27" 2011. It came in with the usual GPU issue. This is no problem, as we ordered a NEW GPU card from Apple. This all went fine, card replaced imac working fine...