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    820-3437-B No charge light PP3V42 present

    Hi all, i bought another donor board off eBay to have a look at last week. 3437 which has no PP3V42 or PPbus shorts. In fact PP3V42 is present but I’m not getting a green light on the charger. There is sever corrosion on C3740, R3741 and R3742. U3740 looks ok though but I’ll probably replace it...
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    820-01598-A A2159 MacBook Pro 13” crush damage

    Hi all, I need some assistance with a 820-01598-A. The board was left on the roof of the previous owners car and he drove off forgetting it was there and drove over it. I bought it off him and when I opened it up it was still running, no screen activity though probably because it was shattered...