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    MacBook Pro 13" 820-00239 No boot no display

    Hi, I get MacBook Pro 13 A1706 after someone else screen replacement attempt, that doesn't boot. Once I tried power it on touch pad clicks but no display tried another screen new LVDs cable Touch Bar is not displaying anything, caps lock does not lighting up. I tried to disconnect trackpad once...
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    Schematic diagram and Board view for MacBook Air 2020 820-01958

    Does anyone have a board view and schematic for this MacBook Air please. I tried with 820-01521 but this part with is liquid damaged is completely different. Thanks for help
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    MacBook Pro A1706 820-00239 not powering on

    Hi everyone, I've got MacBook Pro after other repair centre tried replace flickering screen since than laptop is not powering on, caps lock is not blinking touch bar not lighting up. There is activity on all ports voltage jump to 20V and 2.3 A is taking by board when battery is connected I...
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    820-00850 MacBook Pro 13 A1989

    Hi, I got recently this MacBook with no charging issue. I've use 820-00239 schematic diagram to check out the board. Laptop was liquid damaged around L3500, U3100. I replaced all liquid damaged components and reball U3100 because laptop didn't take charge on one c-type port voltage didn't go...
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    MacBook Air 13 " 820-00165 no manufacture date presented

    Hi, I've got another MacBook Air 13 SMC was faulty and I replaced it now laptop works but it doesn't show manufacture date. I know that if someone has been messing with bios and SN this will heaped I didn't touch it but it look like someone try fix something so its possible bios has been...
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    MacBook Air 13 820-00165 no boot

    I got a MacBook Air 13 2015, it was a liquid damaged not powering on, there was no charger light indication. i spotted corroded J6100 connector and remove it also corrosion on U7090 it has been repaired, lcd connector was corroded I also replace it. MacBook powers on works fine boot to system...
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    iMac 27" 820-3481 slow keep crashing

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with this iMac model its very slow once I want boot it up from usb with fresh osx tried a few same on all of them. With customer SSD booting up but crashing and restarting. I've tried a new ssd but didn't get chance to install fresh osx because is not possible I...
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    iMac 27" 820-3481-A bios file

    Hi, Does anyone have bios file for this iMac and could share please. Thanks
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    820-4924 no picture no backlight

    coffee damaged around lcd connector cleaned, i replaced the lcd connector, no picture no backlight but laptop works fine, there is picture on ext monitor and boots tried another lcd, same i removed the lcd cable from original lcd, and the cable is not damaged, so that did not damage the board...
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    820-00165 sometimes quarter fan spin

    dont see any water damaged, but anyway i cleaned it properly first it did not have any voltages, not even 3.4V, after taking it apart and just testing it on the table now it has green light, 3.4V, 8.59V, 3.3V most of the time fan wont spin, but sometimes it goes in a loop, fan spins a bit...
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    MacBook Pro A1708 screens

    Hi everyone, Could you please share some good suppliers for those retina screens A1706/A1708. I had tried some from aliexpress but unfortunately a few come back with lines no physical damages.. they are just dying after time with no reason.. it could be also a flex because it looks like this...
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    820-3115 wont power on on battery

    not water damaged customer says he replaced the battery and saw some sparking it turns on on charger, there is green light, but very slow -when battery connected wont change to orange light -only on the battery wont power on -when powered on with battery and charger, then i remove the charger...
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    ultrasonic cleaner way to use

    we have a large ultrasonic cleaner, 25 liter, it fits all macbook motherboards, but its too deep, which means it takes at least 15liter of liquid, which takes like a hour to heat up to 60C there was a suggestion that we just fill it with alcohol, and dont use the heater in the cleaner and just...
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    usb installer "broken"

    recently i tried to format and install osx 10.13 to the newer macbook with type c connectors, and i can boot up from usb, format the ssd, and when i want to install osx it says that this installer is damaged, then i had another 10.13 stick, the usb-A one, tried with type c adapter, same thing...
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    MacBook Pro 13 2012 820-3115 no CPU v-core voltage

    Hi, I have another MacBook Pro 13 2012 with v-core no power. I have replaced U7400 with no luck measure on TONA 12.25v and TONB 12.06V I measure this voltage on another working board and its below 1v. I have tried also swap bios just to check no luck SMC reflowed nothing. Board is not...
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    MacBook Air 11" 820-3024-b EFI locked

    Hi, I have MacBook Air 11 A1370 820-3024-B with locked EFI main board number 820-3024-B can someone remove this EFI lock for me please. I tried edit bios file remove $svs piece and FF this whole field as I found in some instructions online but from some reason after this laptop want power back...
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    820-3662 wont boot, freezing

    no water damage, when it came in it would try to boot but the lines unde the apple logo stuck at 10%, i read here that the typical issue is the cpu voltage control chips, so i ordered them from mouser FDMF6708N, so they are brand new, all 3 replaced, checked them 5 times, the soldering is good...
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    820-3332-A MacBook Pro Retina 15" A1398 No display 3 Beeps

    Hi everyone, I have this MacBook Pro for repair board 820-3332-A Got it with 3 beeps issue have tired reflow ram replace PCH no luck I decide to replace CPU because it was getting crazy warm. After replacement (I remove same CPU from Donner board) with was liquid damage but I was getting a...
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    Macbook Pro 13" A1708 820-00875 PP3V3_S5 shorted

    Hi, I got for repair MacBook Pro 13" 820- 00875-A after liquid damage. I check all rails and PP3V3_S5 is shorted PPBUS_G3H 13.10V SN650839 have some voltages coming out: PP5V_LDo5V PP3v3_LDO3V PPBUS_PMIC PP1V25_VREF all those are present voltage on C7960 PPBUS_G3H_CPU 13.10V SMC have...
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    820-00165 wont start

    very small water damage was on R8156, i replaced the resistor before it was taking 0.1A on 16V now it take 0.02A which is normal but it wont start, i have green light on charger, 3.4V ok, i have 8.58V, 3.3V on L7560 u1950 was bit corroded, so i replaced it, and q8150 also, than u7501 same , i...