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    820-00928 a1707 no power got 20v with 1.44amp to 3.++amp

    hello got this a1707 no sign of corrossion i have spining fan no chime ppbus_g3h is 12.6v i notice that when i use to put the charger to u3100 designated usbport the q3100 is getting very hot. i tried replace u3100/q3100 still the same. but when i use another ports im having the same amp...
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    820-3437-b a1466 after shutdown cant turn on with battery alone

    i have this macbook customer say cant on. when i reconnect the battery and tried to charge can on. but when i shutdown with battery alone cant on. u can turn on only when the charger is conected. sometimes after boots shutdown itself. sometimes cant turn on totally tried put the mainboard to...
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    820-3462 A1425 NO POWER

    customer say lastime can power on fan was spinning so fast until the macbook dies. no sign of corrosion sometimes have green light most of the time dont have light on magsafe PPBUS_G3H 12.26v R7020 16V U7000 1 0v 2 16.3v 3 3.9v 6 3.4v 9 0v 12 3.4v 13 3.3v 14 3.1v 15 0.1v 17 12.28v 19 5.5v 20...
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    (SOLVED) 820-3437 a1466 intermitent power

    only can turn on when reconnect the battery. once u shutdown cant turn on again the charging indicator turns green and then orange once u press power button. tried change battery still same board is clean no sign of corossion run diagnostics no issues found. PPBUS_G3H 8.6V
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    820-02020 a2338 coffee damage

    820-02020 a2338 coffee damage after i clean the affected areas i manage to turn on this macbook i just having problems on battery that cant charge even i change new battery. i just notice i didnt get voltage on PPVBAT_AON with diode to ground 1.542 but i have voltage on PPVBAT_AON_CHGR_R and...
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    820-00875 A1708 no power 20v with 1.88amp

    hello i recieved this macbook with wifi ic burnt after i removed the wifi ic still cant on and cpu is getting hot. fan on's for 50 seconds but no display and no usb activity no chime. voltages: ppbus_g3h 13v PP3V3_G3H 3.4v PP3V3_S5 3.3v PM_PWRBTN_L 3.3v PM_RSMRST_L 3.3v PM_BATLOW_L 3.3v...
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    820-00239 A1706 20v 2.20amp no power

    820-00239 A1706 20v 2.20amp no power hello i have this model with no visible watermarks the board cpu is overheating got 20v 2.20amp looping to 1.37amp no fan spin i didnt see any shorted caps i have voltages: ppbus_g3h 13v PP3V3_G3H 3.4v PP3V0_G3H 3.0v PP3V3_S5 3.3v pp5v_s5 5.1v PP5V_S4 5.1v...
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    820-00840 stuck at 5.19V 1.42amp

    hello i have a1708 no power water damage around areas u8400 u7650 f4800 j6100 all big coils has no short circuit except L8060 and L7900 their diode to ground is 0.0090 PPBUS_G3H .004v 0.396 PP3V3_G3H 2.2V PP3V3_G3H_UPC_XA | PP3V3_G3H_UPC_XB 2.2v PP3V3_UPC_XA_LDO | PP3V3_UPC_XB_LDO 3.3v...
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    820-00165 no power a1466

    hello i have a1466 no power no fan spin got orange light found abit corroded on RP2701 i just remove this then i clean the pads but still cant on. tried smc bypass no but no fan spin. SMC_ONOFF_L 3.4v PPBUS_G3H is 12.56 PP3V3_S0 missing u7400 also corroded voltage and diode to ground...
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    a1502 820-4924 panic

    hello, tried this unit with 3 ssd with 3 different MacOS versions same problem. is this ram issue? please give some advice how to next. motherboard is clean no visible corroded parts
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    820-3115 no green light

    hi i have a1278 before i open the macbook was can on and can charge. the main problem is when turning on after few seconds can see the apple logo then suddenly shutdowns then on automatically then shutdowns again, sometimes u need to turn on again. found small corroded parts r5481 and r5482...
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    820-4924 no power

    hello i have a1502 when i recieved q7310 is over heating so i decided to replace it (no more overheating Q7310) but still cant on i have orange light no fan spin. PPBUS_G3H 12.6V pin 1 2 and i just notice F4800 0.0V with 0.0000 diode to ground. ALL_SYS_PWRGD is missing. removed Q8150...
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    (SOLVED) 820-3209 no power

    a1466 no power green orange light present no fan spin tried smc bypass fan is on very high no display (my 1stime tried smc bypass) 8.41v pin 1 2 @F7040 PPBUS_G3H U7600 3 = 3.2V 13 = 5.1V 14 = 5.1 V PM_SLP_S3_L 3.3V PM_SLP_S3_R_L 3.3V L7630 1.0V L7100 0.9v L7330 1.3V L7550 0.006v diode to...
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    (SOLVED) 820-01598 bootloop

    hello i have a2159 apple logo (bootloop) itried dfu mode but cant detect by configurator2 got 20v usb meter. btw board is clean no sign of corossion. PPBUS_G2H 12.6v PP3V3_G3H 3.3V P3V3MAIN_PGOOD 3.2V PP3V_G3H_RTC 3.0V P5VG3S_EN 1.8V PP5V_G3S 5.1V PP1V2_AWAKE 1.2v PP1V8_AWAKE 1.8v PP3V3_AWAKE...
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    820-3462 no power

    recieved this macbook a1425 with no visible corrosion no green/orange light. no fan spin PPDCIN_G3H 16.4v PPBUS_G3H| L7030 0.149 1.0V sometimes orange light shows but nothing changes on the voltage (changed q7080 twice) U7000 pin: diode to ground | voltage 1 0.656 0.0v 2 0.601 16.4v 3 0.540 3.9v...
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    820-00840 camera not working

    hello i have here a1708 camera not working action taken: change tophalf 2 times same problem. i test again another tophalf came from working unit still the same. i test the original tophalf from another board camera is working so i can confirm this is from motherboard problem so, i did some...
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    (SOLVED) 820-3476 no power

    hello i have a1502 after change faulty battery suddenly cant on. PPBUS_G3H 1.1v PPVBAT_G3H_CHGR_R 1.1v what should i do next. Thanks in advance
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    820-00165 short circuit

    hello i have a1466 there is no sign of water damage i found the c7261 is burnt (PPBUS_S5_HS_COMPUTING_ISNS) after i removed this capacitor the value is 0.171 4.0v-5.0v looping still no chime no fan spin still cant on. i also diode test L7310 and L7320 0.011 with 0.0v so is it cpu spoil...
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    any body from here know where can buy scrap boards can recomend? i need all models from 2012-2020 air and pros. like 2 to 3 pieces each models
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    (SOLVED) 820-00923 no power no 1v1 LDO

    hello im back i have a1706 no power no sign of liquid. PPBUS_G3H 0V 0.430 PP3V3_G3H 0V 0.366 all 1v1 ldo is 0V on all cd3215c00 also i didnt see any shorted caps on other parts.