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    820-3115 picture bad in display (internal and external)

    Hi, i have this board clean, make that on external and internal display. How can make that? Image thanks Best regards
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    820-3478 1st led, noise HDD nothing more

    Hi, i have this board 820-3478 (clean), only 1 led with iMac supply. I use an external power supply, I inject 12V on PP12V_ACDC, the current is 0,77A I think it's too much, I have U2800 is very hot, PP1V05_TBTLC=0,3V, I suspect U2800. PP3V3_TBTLC=3,3V. have you an idea?
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    820-00840 No USB charge

    Hi, i contact you for this mac, the board is very clean. The mac no charge (the tester stay black, no power) i find D3300 and D3400 short, i change it and after it work well. i think it's good but, the customer come back, D3400 is short again. i find the mac is very slow for change 5V to 20V...
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    820-4924 no green led

    Hi, i have this board very clean, no green led (PSU and official charger) I have PPBUS_G3H=12,27V PP3V42_G3H_REG=3,42V DCIN_ISOL_GATE = 6,8V PP18V5_DCIN_ISOL = 18,5V SYS_ONEWIRE=2,85V ??? R7012 = 68Kohm thanks
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    820-00165 no external display on thunderbolt

    Hi, i have this board without external display. it work well on the internal display, but my customer need to work on external display. No liquid, very clean board. i have PP3V3_TBTLC = 1,1V, where is generated this power supply, on U1900? thanks
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    820-01987 No PPBUS_G3H

    Hi, i have this board, no liquid, i try in DFU but nothing. i have input 5V 0A (usb-c tester), PPBUS=0,343V, 0,046 in diode mode PPDCIN_G3H = 5V How can i find the problem please? thanks best regards
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    820-00840 liquid spill

    hi, I'm working on an 820-00840 board now, this board have a liquid spill. i clean it with ultrasonic and change some broken component (like C3891,C3890,C3892, U3890) pp3v3_g3h: 3.4v ppbus_g3h: 13.06v all_sys_pwrgd: 3.22v pp2v9_sysclk: 3.0v pp3v1_rtc: 3.09v pm_slp_s0_l: 3.3v GTVR_FCCM: .022v USB...
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    820-01041 No boot but 20V on usb-c

    Hi, i have this board very clean, no liquid, stop to work in use. i have the 20V on usb-c, the current is cycling between 0,029A and 0,600A PPBUS_G3H =10,92V too low no? battery+power supply. PP3V3_G3H_RTC_X=3,39 PP3V3_G3H_RTC_T=3,36 PP3V3_S5 missing not short PP1V8_S5 missing not short...
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    820-00239 mac work but no USB power for HDD external

    Hi, i have this board with a problem with external Hard drive, no power for external hard drive. I have a tester for usbc port, the power supply charge the battery (20V 1-2A). but nothing for external hard drive. i don't understand why it work only in one way. The motherboard contact with liquid...
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    Hi, i have this board with liquid spill near U7100, i change C7100 and R7100 now the board seems start but no display ALL_SYS_PWRGD is OK. i haven't noise (dong) when i plug power cord but i have 20V and between 1and 2A. the display cable is burn, i change it. i'm afraid the display is dead...
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    820-00138 fan start, no chime, no display

    Hi, this board is clean no liquid spill, the customer say, the mac make beep memory after an install system. Now I have just fan spin, no chime and no display. i make this measure: PPBUS_G3H 12.8v SMC_ADAPTER_EN 3.38v PM_BATLOW_L 3.3v ALL_SYS_PWRGD 3.38v PM_DSW_PWRGD 3,4v PM_MEM_PWRGD 0,8V...
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    Hi, i have this imac with only one led1 i find some component broken like R5335, U5420, U9720 (when i remove this last PP5V_S0 in diode mode 0,020 became 0,250) for the last i can't find the reference REF3333, is not the reference i think. i would like to find in other board but when i search...
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    820-3332 video problem

    Hi, i have this board no liquid with this screen in attach file i have reflow U8900 but same problem, is it bad GPU? thanks
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    820-00850 stay USB-C at 5V

    Hi, i have this board 820-00850, the issue the usb-c input stay at 5V (0,200A->0,400A). i have PPBUS at 12,3V but cycling (9V to 12,3V) i haven't the board file, i use the board file to 820-01041 but it's not same. have you this file board? what can i check to same my problem? i have this chip...
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    820-3115 fan speed one turn and off

    Hi, i have this board liquid spill near SMC. I put the board in a ultra sonic cleaner, now i clean but can start, just fan and stop. i change the SMC, U7000 (because PPBUS_G3H is low 12,26, now 12,57). i try the board with original charger 85W. I have the all_SYS_PWGD=3,34V just few seconds and...
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    820-00239 reboot intermittent when battery under 60%

    Hi, this board receive liquid, not work. the USB C connector JB5000 is burn, i remove it and the board start and work well on the other USBC port. but if i unplug the board, the mac work well above 60% of battery. when the battery is low, I have PPBUS_G3H at 11V, is it normal? with power supply...
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    820-00840 u7370 hs

    Hi, this board has U7370 burn, PPBus is short. I remove it and change it with a donor board, PPBUS come back at 11,98V, PP5V_S0=5V the fan spin 5 second and nothing more. I have all_SYS_PWRGD at 0V PPVCCSA_S0G_R = 1,05 instead of 1,5V is it normal?
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    820-00165 fan full speed

    Hi, happy new year, i have a problem with this board, liquid spill on this board. the fan is at full speed after apple logon, the mac start on the system. i have already change J9500 very damage, smc is very clean. i put a screen about hw monitor, i have PECI SA at 0 or heatpipe2 & heatpipe...
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    820-3332 Green led fan but no display no chime

    Hi, i have this board, no liquid very clean board. when i press power button, fan spin and nothing more. When i make smcbypass, fan goes to full speed nothing more. I check some power informations: PPBUS_G3H 12.8v SMC_ADAPTER_EN 3.38v PM_BATLOW_L 3.38v ALL_SYS_PWRGD 3.38v PM_DSW_PWRGD 3.38v...
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    820-00165 Green led but not start

    Hi, i have this board no liquid spill, i have PP5V_S5 = 1,2V, in diode mode 0,447 (bad), i try to change U7501 but same problem. i don't understand where the PP5V_S5 is generated, by U7501?