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    It could just be me, but... 0201 Fuses ?

    I'm killing myself looking for 0201 fast fuses (example 32V 6A) So we have some secret place to buy these for back light repair on motherboards ? Like looking for a unicorn so far. Or better yet, a fuse kit with the 0201 and 0402 ? Thanks in advance !
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    820-00163-05 No keyboard or trackpad after no boot due to capacitor short.

    MacBook A1398 board 820-00163-05 Had a short to ground on C7324 PPVIN_S5_HS_COMPUTIN and not allowing unit to boot. Replaced the capacitor with Tantalum Polymer 16V 68uF 2917 20% ESR=50mOhms. System boots up to desktop and I'm thinking in good to go. Not so fast. No keyboard or trackpad...
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    820-2936-B One USB port not working

    820-2936-B One USB port not working , was two but after a ultrasonic cleaning one has been regained. No signs of liquid damage, but had some crusty spots on the board, Both USB had 5V at the connection however would not read data. After it's bath, one USB (Closest to the user) started...
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    820-00165-A Liquid Damage Wont run off Battery or Charge.

    I have a MacBook Air "13, Early 2015 A1466 820-00165-A Came in still wet, opened it right up and unplugged the battery. Gave it an ultrasonic bath right away followed up with an alcohol bath, heat pad and left overnight. Reassembled it the next day. Boots up on charger only, however it does...