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  1. kevinklinkmuller

    820-3115 Green light, no fan spin

    Liquid damaged by the LVDS connecter. Can't see anything anywhere else. Already replaced u7000 and q7085 on U7000 Pin1 = 0v pin2 = 17.5v pin3 = 4.2v pin9 = 0v pin12 = 3.47v pin14= 3v pin 15 = 0.3v pin17 = 12.54v pin19 = 5v pin20= 5v pin27 = 17.5
  2. kevinklinkmuller

    820-00850 Liquid damaged u7000 area. 5V 0amp USB

    Hi there! This one had a badly damaged U7000 area. I didn't have this exact board in stock so I used a 820-00239 board instead. Replaced some of the components around it and also u7000 itself. I'm starting to realise that this u7000 might not be compatible with the 820-00850. Is that why it's...
  3. kevinklinkmuller

    820-01041 Short on U3000, short gone, booting but cannot find U3000

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement from? Without having the whole board? I need one fast in the UK
  4. kevinklinkmuller

    2012 A1419 Core i7 iMac (trying to find board number) dead, suspected GPU

    Can someone tell me where to find the board number on this thing? any way, The thing does chime, no image on display. Plug in USB drive with flashing light at first then turns off, flashing reappears, then off. Removed display, LED 1 and two come on, 3 doesn't and 4 is off I assume because no...
  5. kevinklinkmuller

    820-3115 only works on fake charger. Green light slight flicker on original but no fan spin

    I have replaced both mosfets and the resisters next to them. That eventually gave me green light on the original charger too, but with a slight flicker. Works fully on fake charger. Also replaced ISL6259 PP3v42 is getting 3.48V
  6. kevinklinkmuller

    820-00165 Liquid damage on u7200, r7202 blown

    Have a bad feeling with with this MacBook Air. I have replaced both U7200 and r7200 and no luck. I'm weirdly getting 8.59 on ppbus. I know that this line is sensitive so im going to guess that even that is too high . Also I had to run a Jumper on pin 17.... Pin 16 looked toasty as well. Looks...
  7. kevinklinkmuller

    M1 MacBook Air True Tone after screen replacement

    Is that active by default or would it theoretically have to be programmed? Is there a chip I can transplant in this case?
  8. kevinklinkmuller

    820-00165 no power, no green light

    Hi there amigos I have a 00165 here with what I thought was going to be a basic no green light repair but it's turning into a rabbit hole. There was corrosion around SMC, no much. PPBUS_G3H is low at 8.16v PP3v42 is actually just consistently 3.41. SMC_RESET_L is on 3V Have replaced SMC. same...
  9. kevinklinkmuller

    820-00281 can't boot into external. Can't recognize devices for the 1st 5 mins after booting

    replaced all USB controllers. there seems to be some sort of delay with data connections to USB C. for the first 5 mins after the OS boots it doesn't react with external devices (but is able to charge) after 5 mins it's perfectly normal When trying to boot into external drive, it fails halfway...
  10. kevinklinkmuller

    820-3209 green light, no fan spin. ppbus low

    the current sensing resisters were toast as well as ISL6259 (short to ground on current sensing pins) R7005 was also high resistance. replaced all of this and all have the correct values now. PPbus is on 4.3 volts. the SMC SCL and SDA lines are both 3.42v I also replaced Q7080 with no change...
  11. kevinklinkmuller

    820-3662 only charging with fake charger

    hello there! have solved some issues on this already. mainly it was compeltely dead, no green light and no boot. has had water damage but im not sure if that was the cause, i have a feeling it was to do with a fake charger to begin with. anyway, to start with i replaced ISL 6259 and also both...
  12. kevinklinkmuller

    820-00165 blown c7372 (sorted) but now will only work without battery

    really odd one, as soon as i plug in the battery, it only comes on for a second and immediately turns off. fine with only DC power. my immediate thought was current sensing circuits but thats all ok
  13. kevinklinkmuller

    820-00165 unable to boot all the way up

    got a 00165 here with no sign of liquid damage that can't start up all the way. it hangs on the loading screen, the bar can be fully loaded and it still won't turn all the way on. this includes my own drives and also recovery. safe mode isnt working, i've also done the usual, SMC, PRAM without...
  14. kevinklinkmuller

    Oscilloscope capable of measuring resistance and diode mode

    Hi there! Not sure if that exists but I’m looking for a kind of all in one machine for the sake of space. Wish I could have an oscilloscope that can also replace a multimeter. I’ve looked but I don’t think this exists?
  15. kevinklinkmuller

    820-00165 liquid damage, green light, no fan spin

    hey! nice new forum. i like the fact that i can now pay by card and i dont have to use paypal got a 00165 here with multiple spots of liquid damage. sorted a few issues so far, on first boot, the main issue was that L7320 was heating up. realised that PPBUS_g3h was short. i sorted that ( i...
  16. kevinklinkmuller

    820-00045 no liquid damage. takes charge, touchpad clicks, blank screen

    have a 12 incher here, takes 20V on the charger and current is going in. In fact the touchpad also clicks. I tested with a known working display without any luck. These boards are super weird, where do i begin?
  17. kevinklinkmuller

    820-00165 - Green light, sometimes boots, sometimes just fan spin

    I have a weird one. This one shows a full short on PPbus_g3h while simultaneously showing 8.6V. How is that possible? I've triple checked this, am I going crazy? Signs of water on the underside of the board. there was corrosion around u3210, u3220 and u7101. I've rebuilt those areas and they...
  18. kevinklinkmuller

    820-4924 temporary green light then fades. no fan spin

    Checked if SMC_RESET_L is present and it is. PP3v42_G3H is also present I reflowed the SMC, no change I'm guessing this is definitely an SMC replacement isnt it?
  19. kevinklinkmuller

    820-00164 Green light, fan spin, no dong, corrosion only around BIOS chip

    Hi there! Got a pristine MacBook here, basically has all the signs of booting except it doesn't. The only sign of corrosion is on the BIOS chip itself. Pulled the chip, cleaned and placed back. Same issue. So I'm thinking I should replace BIOS, but I don't know how that works. I need some sort...
  20. kevinklinkmuller

    Removing PayPal and/or adding credit card option to forum

    Hi there! I'm so glad louis has made me aware of what's happening with paypal. We were considering going with them as a payment provider for a different company, but have now changed our minds on that. I would like to ask, will there be another option to pay the monthly fee on this forum? I...