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    820-00239 Won't power on, no liquid damage

    Hey all, Same thing a few people have had here. No liquid damage, customer says he took it to the beach and it wouldnt power on after a while. Checked inside and all i could find was a bit of dust, literally no signs of liquid damage. After doing a bit of research I tracked down RTC_RESET_L as...
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    820-4924 Won't Recognize Battery

    Got Pro Retina board that boots fine but will not recognize battery. History: was liquid damaged, completely dead, cleaned by someone, but that only brought it back to power on without charging/running off battery. ISL current sensing circuits are good: 17/18 are .1ohm/2.3ohm; 27/28 are...
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    820-3332 wasn't recognizing battery & PPBUS_G3H isn't quite right?

    820-3332 board with no liquid damage, no drop history. Battery would be recognized and would stay at 0% (customer said it wasn't booting). Reflowed U8900 as per Duke's advice in another thread. Battery immediately displayed correct voltage. PPBUS_G3H on Charger without Battery: 12.59v PPBUS_G3H...
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    820-3330 no orange light, fan twitch, no power

    Hey all, Hope all is well. I need some help with a 3330 that's killing me. Has fan twitch and pulsing rails. 3v3_s5 & 5v_s5 are steady. 3v3_s3 & 5v_s3 are pulsing (so is PM_SLP_S4 so I guess that makes sense). 3v3_s0 and 5v_S0 are not pulsing, they're at a steady 0.13v. The other peculiar...
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    820-3476-A No Trackpad

    Hey all, same nightmare issue a lot of people have had. Troubleshooting I've already done: - Using known good trackpad - Using known good cable - Tested continuity from end of Trackpad Cable to U4801 - R4801 reads .01 ohms - Pin 1 - 3.3v - Pin 4 - 5v - Replaced U4801 after all diode readings...
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    820-00165 No Green Light

    Had liquid damage, mostly over the LVDS etc area. Ultrasonic, no green light. PPBUS - 8.2v PP3v42 - 3.42v SMC_RESET_L - 0.1v Tried SMC reflow, same result. Tried reball, no dice. New SMC, same result. 2nd smc replacement, nothing. Don't wanna fuck with U7100 or U5110 quite yet. Anything else...
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    [SOLVED]820-3476-A Intermittent lower keyboard row

    Have a board that was previously liquid damaged although it doesn't look like any components were ever replaced. Has had a keyboard replacement twice at a shop, still suffering from intermittent key issues. Particularly a problem with ZXCVB, comes and goes, will work normally for 5-10 minutes...
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    820-2915 No Wifi

    Tested known good Wifi board & cable, L3401, L3470/1/3/4 all test out. Have 3.3v on pin 1 of L3404 but 2.4v at pin 2. Without the card it's at 3.3v on pin 2. Bluetooth works. Only thing I can imagine is bad C3422 or WIFI_EVENT_L pulling the line down?
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    820-3435 Fails ASD (no liquid damage)

    Got an 820-3435 that says "Battery may not be charging properly" No liquid damage. DCIN_G3H is at 16.5v, so that would probably be the culprit in my mind? TechTools & Coconut both detect and test out the battery as being fine, charging at a decent rate. Had a problem where it just would not...
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    [SOLVED]820-3437 No Chime No Display

    Water damaged board, typical suspects were bad. U6100 termination points weren't continuous, fixed that. Replaced any corroded/damaged components. Wasn't getting PM_SLP_S4_L and no PP5vS4Rs3 so had to replace u1900 Now fans spin up, green light & orange, but no full boot. No USB light up, CPU...
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    820-3115 Green Light no Power

    3115 board with no liquid damage, only thing that looks funny is a tad bit of corrosion on a BKLT capacitor (C9712) Pulsing PPVRTC, pulsing 5v_s5 and 3v3_s5, no PP5v_s3 or 3v3_s3. CPUVcore is at 0. PM_SLP_S4_L pulses around 20 mV so I don't think it's turning on enough for the SMC to do much...
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    820-00165 Won't power without Magsafe 2 (can't use Magsage 1 w/ adapter)

    Liquid damaged board, got it up and running but it won't charge/turn on without an 85w magsafe 2. Otherwise it runs flawlessly. Is this something pretty common?
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    820-3115-b faint green light

    Sup everyone, I have said board with a faint light, was not liquid damaged or anything. Getting ~1.75v PPBUS_G3H. Tested Q7035 & Q7030, got ~1v going to pin 4 of Q7030 but 0v going to pin 4 Q7035. Replaced U7000 and still no PPBUS_G3H (any higher). Resistance between U7000 pins 28 & 27 is...
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    820-2936 No Backlight

    Hey all, have a water damaged board that has no backlight. There wasn't any corrosion or red pads when I got it, and it doesn't look like anyone has tried working on it. I verified that there's a display, just no backlight. F9700 was blown, so I replaced it, and now get a green light but no...
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    [SOLVED]820-2915-B with no backlight

    Hey all, Have a MBPRO 15" with no backlight. No liquid damage, supposedly just stopped working. What' I've measured: Fuse: 12.6v on each side BKLT_EN: 3.2v LVDS Pins 389,39,40; all at 29.6v Figured it was a bad LCD right? Nope, tested an LCD that works fine and no backlight still. The...
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    [SOLVED]820-3115 BIL connector preventing Battery from Charging

    I have a MacBook Pro, no water damage or anything, but it wouldn't power on. Was getting green light, no orange light, and no power. I disconnected the BIL connector cuz I've noticed it's a common issue, and sure enough the light turned orange, battery started charging, and computer turned on...
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    How does a BATLOW_L signal work?

    I have yet another MacBook Pro, this one an 820-4924-a. It shows a green light and orange light, but won't boot. I'm not getting a BATLOW_L signal. The schematic says it goes from SCM (u5000) to PCH (u0500) with a pull up resistor in the middle. Does it go like this? .........Resistor...
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    820-3787-a Won't Power

    I've got a smoothie damaged board that won't boot. I'm not getting PM_PCH_APWROK nor PM_PCH_PWROK. On U1950 I need ALL_SYS_PWRGD and CPUVR_PGOOD. I'm not getting ALL_SYS. It comes out of Q8151, but that's where I'm stuck. For Q8151 I have PP3V3_S5_1v5PGOOD coming in just fine, C8134 is fine...