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  1. 2informaticos

    820–00165 as soon as the Power button is pressed fan at high speed

    Trackpad board/flex as first. You cannot discard the problems untill test with good parts...
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    820–00165 as soon as the Power button is pressed fan at high speed

    Is normal to have high fan spin if you disconnect trackpad and/or LIO board. I said disconnect webcam, nothing else. REPLACE trackpad and LIO board/flex for test...
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    820-2850 no s3 rails

    Not relevant fluctuation. Check solders and traces around U7000. Remove F7040 and see if C7040 voltage is stable then. Be sure C7025 is good; better to replace.
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    A1425 - Crashing under load

    Disconnect internal SSD and try to run again EFI ASD. Test w/ and w/o battery connected.
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    820–00165 as soon as the Power button is pressed fan at high speed

    First of all, welcome to the forum! Try known goof trackpad board/flex. If still the same, then try LIO board/flex. Also start disconnecting webcam.
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    820-4924-A not turning on (draws 350mA)

    Aaaa, this 4924 board, no LIO board there. I mixed the threads somehow; to much heat here... Try new BIOS file now.
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    820-00045 (A1534) Won't get out of S4/S5 state, no shorts, no damage

    You will probably need to set temp at 430-450; it is not the real temp achieved on the board. As always, practice on scrap boards...
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    820-2850 no s3 rails

    Q7080/85 look good. PPDCIN_G3H is stable? Just in case, replace U7000.
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    Battery temp sensor is placed on trackpad board. So try known good trackpad, even its flex is worth to test. Recover your data and do fresh macOS intall.
  10. 2informaticos

    820-00165 Short Troubleshooting

    Make stock of scrap boards for replacement parts. Many times I talked about galaxyelectronics2015 eBay seller, who can provide best price if contact him directly. He has many boards unlisted and is also present on Aliexpress, UltimateElectronics Store.
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    820-4924-A not turning on (draws 350mA)

    Mouse gets steady light if connected when board is turned on? In such case, should be activity. Always better to confirm with an OSX pendrive/HDD; if Link LED flashes, that is. You still have to test LIO board/flex to finish the repair.
  12. 2informaticos

    820-2850 no s3 rails

    There is no resistor divider, untill U7000 close it to ground. Post R7080/81 and R7085/86 ohm values, measured onboard.
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    820-3662 charred points on dcin board short on PPBUS_G3H

    "I get a short from pin 1 to ground diode j8300 when display is plugged in but I really find it hard to believe its the screen" I know people believing in god even without any reason; you have a powerfull one, at least... Video cable, or display. The short may also appear inside connector, only...
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    820-4924-A not turning on (draws 350mA)

    First of all, welcome to the forum! Check for 3V presence at pin 3/U1950 and PLT_RESET_L. If yes, then try new full BIOS. Did you test USB activity?
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    820-3437 u3900 no camera

    Copy & paste from dukefawks: "I ball them with universal stencil 0.3mm balls but need to replace the chip, they are often just dead BCM15700"
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    820-00165 no power, orange light.

    Now remove x_PGOOD resistors from page 59 (one by one), untill ALL_SYS_PWRGD goes high; keep in place R8167.
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    820-00165 Short Troubleshooting

    "SYS_ONEWIRE: 0.946V" This signal is pulled-up inside LIO board. Try another LIO board/flex. Connecting only power cable from LIO board, check for activity at MLB USB port. You should also get image on internal LCD.
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    820-00840 Issues. Where to start?

    Error message points to CPU register...
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    820-01700-05 not powering up

    Search the forum, detailed information available. Different threads with usefull information available.
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    820-4925 Shift key stuck

    In such case, is not Left Shift key issue. Check if other output of U4850 stays high. Can you access boot menu?