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    Hi everyone. I have this plaque, liquid drop. Coffee. The machine has 20V and consumption of 500ma. I have ALL_SYS_PWRGD I have CPU voltages I am missing PPVCCEDRAM_S0_CPU. This voltage comes out of U7710, the activation PVCCEDRAMS0_EN_FILT_BUF I'm missing, it comes from U7712. U7712 would...
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    Hi everyone. I have seen this fault before in models 820-00165. The problem is the following, I don't have ALL_SYS_PWRGD, when removing u1950 the machine turns on but obviously not completely because PM_PCH_SYS_PWROK is missing. My question is, how do I attack this bug? Would I have to change...
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    This board came from another service, they repaired it and changed the U7100 but it turns off after power on. I changed U7100 to discard but now it stays at 20V and 267 ma. PPVCCCPU_S0G is 0V. I have ALL_SYS_PWRGD 3.2v CPUVR_PWM2 2.49V CPUVR_PWM1 2.49V I am missing PM_PCH_SYS_PWROK
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    Greetings to all. This machine does not have pp3v3_s5. Voltajes en U7600 Pin 12: PM_EN_FET_P12V_S5_SSD (3.41V) Pin 24: PM_EN_REG_P5V_S4_R (0.00) PIN 17: PP12V_S5_FET_P3V3_S5_P5V_S4 (12.0V) PIN 4 y 5: 0V Pin 5 y 4 it's an LDO which is generated by the same u7600. I changed it a couple of...
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    Hello, greetings to all. This plate got liquid on it. The problem is that it does not recognize the battery, it only turns on with the charger. When connecting the battery the voltage on ppbus_g3h is 12.28V. SDA line 0v SCL line 0v When only the charger is connected without the battery...
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    this board has all the voltages including the VCORE, but it does not show an image. When it is connected to the source it reaches a consumption of 0.800 ma then it rises to 1.040 am little by little. my question, what should I check in these models. I understand that it could be the PCH...
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    This machine reaches a consumption of 0.683 in the fixed source. spin the fan. PPBUS_G3H 12.57V PPVCORE_S0_CPU 0.99V PPVCORE_S0_MCP 0.925V I realize that U6100 1: 3.3V 2: 0.20mv 3: 3.28V 4: gnd 5:000.0 6:000.0 7: 2.93v 8: 3.3v
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    820-00923 A1706

    Hello everyone. This machine does not pick up 20V, it stays at 5v and then turns off and restarts at 5v. PPBUS_G3H is 022.4mv
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    Hello everyone. I have this motherboard that takes time to turn on. I suspect it may be bios. U6100 voltages 1: 3.3v 2: 3.2v 3: 3.3v 4:GND 5: 0.56mv 6: 000.1mv 7: 3.3V 8: 3.3V My question is, are these values ok? I haven't tried another bios yet.
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    Hello everyone. I have this plate that turns on but when it turns off after a while, it no longer turns on. I have to disconnect the battery and then it turns on. PPBUS_G3H voltage is 12.10V with battery connected. With the 87W cable connected, the PPBUS_G3H voltage goes up to 12.70V...
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    Hello, greetings to all. I have a macbook air that won't turn on with the battery connected. The voltage with the battery connected is 7.7v on ppbus_g3h. (The battery has already been discarded.) SMC_reset_L is 3v SMC_onoff_L 3.39v When it is connected to the source the voltage is 8.60V and...
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    820-00239-A NO POWER

    Hi all. This board had a short in ppbus_cpu (U7210) It was replaced and the machine has PPVCC_S0_CPU 062.6 mv. PPBUS_G3H 13.08 V all PM_SLP_S0_L 3.3 V PPVCCEDRAM_S0_CPU 0V consumption at the source of 0.348 ma.
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    820-3437 sometimes it is turned off when logging in, others when the apple is charging.

    hello greetings to all is my first post, if I did something wrong I hope you understand and correct me so as not to make the same mistake again. Thanks in advance. PPbus_G3H : 8.60V SMC_Reset_L 3.0v SMC_Manual_rst_L 0.86 V Connected to the source the machine makes its three ignition cycles...