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  1. quasimodo

    iMac 27" 2011 - no backlight - turns on for 1 second on boot

    Hey, any idea for this problem? iMac 27" 2011 Backlight not working. Graphics good, iMac boots, externally fully functional. The backlight turn on for 1 second when i press the power button - then shuts off. LED driver board is replaced. Same problem. Any ideas?
  2. quasimodo

    iMac 21,5" 2017 A1418 820-00629-A - No video/image - all 4 diagnostic leds on

    Hey guys, got a strange iMac here. From 2017. No image/video. When LCD is connected, all 4 LEDs are going on. LCD disconnected - 3 LEDs are on. iMac chimes, Backlight is turning on, fan is spinning. LCD fuse is ok. Heating up GPU? RAM? Whats going on with this machine?
  3. quasimodo

    820-00850-A - no video/image/no backlight - no liquid damage

    Hey guys, got a strange board here. MacBook dropped on floor / no liquid damage. Thought it was a bad lcd. chimes/boots/works externally. replaced LCD screen - no difference. pram reset/dfu - nothing. where to start?
  4. quasimodo

    MacBook Pro 16" - 820-01700-A - 5V / 0.02A dead after connecting USB-C docking station

    Hey! History for the board: water damaged / on top of the case replaced U3500 + Q3501 - board was working fine -> usb-c docking station connected on the side of the water damage -> dead -> 5V / 0.02A ppbus_g3h is 0V should i just replace the CD3217 or where to start to troubleshoot?
  5. quasimodo

    MacBook Air 13" - 820-00165-A - not turning on/orange light - u6100 corroded

    Hey guys, hope you can help me with this one. Board is looking nice, except u6100 area. PP3V3_S5 is present P3V3SUS_EN is not present...?! PP3V3_SUS is like 0.01V Should i replace U6100 directly? Or any other options first to check? Thank you!
  6. quasimodo

    820-3662-A - MacBook Pro 15" High Fan Spin

    Hey! Just got a 15" in. High Fan Spin. Its booting. Picture: There´s no 15V coming out of my Thunderbolt 15V Boost Regulator. Q3080 causing it? That chip looking awesome like the indicator.