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    820-00928 20v, 0a

    No liquid damage, board in perfect condition. According to customer, this MacBook suddenly died on him. PPBUS_G3H 12.59v PP3V3_SUS = 3.3v PM_BATLOW_L - 1.05v PM_SLP_SUS_L - 3.31v PM_DSW_PWRGD - 3.4v PM_RSMRST_L 3.3v PM_PWRBTN_L - 3,3v UB300 CB300: 3V3_G3H: Diode-Mode: 0.331 3V3_G3H: 3.415V...
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    MacBook Pro A1398 stuck on Apple logo with trackpad flex. Replacing the trackpad and tape does not help. Only turns on without trackpad flex in the motherboard - J4800. I did a pram and SMC reset. Please help. PP5V_S5_CUMULUS - 5v PP3V3_TPAD_CONN 3v R4800 and R4808 are ok
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    820-00928-04 stuck 5v

    Macbook 15 Pro A1708, stuck 5v. Any idea ? UB300 CB300: 3V3_G3H: Diode-Mode: 0.331 3V3_G3H: 0v, Diode Test on LDO Rails: PP3V3_UPC_TA_LDO: on CB308: 3.3v, diode-mode: 0,492 only in one USB port PP1V8_UPC_TA_LDOA: on CB306: 1.805v, diode-mode: 0,502 only in one USB port PP1V8_UPC_TA_LDOD: on...
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    No liquid damage. Will only turn on from the charger without batteries. Does not charge when battery is connected
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    iMac A2115 27'' 820-01236

    Hello, I have iMac 27 5K 2019. On the startup, mac will random shut down on 1-2 second from start. After shut down is displayed only 2nd diagnostic LED. I checked other power supply, new BIOS, new processor, new RAM, resetting NVRAM, SMC, RTC battery and checking visible damage. Anyone have...
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    820-00165-02 Not Turning On

    This board has: PPVRTC_G3H 3,43 SMC_PM_G2_EN 0 PP5V_S0 0 PM_BATLOW_L 0v SMC_RESET_L. 2.2 to 3.4V SMC_ADAPTER_EN 0v SMC_PM_G2_EN. 0v PPBUS_G3H 8.56v PPVRTC_G3H 3,43 PP5V_S5 0 U7100 1- 0 2 - 16.12 3 - 4.32 9 - 1.4 12 - 3.43 13 - 3.4 14 - 3.4 15 - 0.06 17 - 8.17 19 - 5.05 20 - 5, 05 27 - 16 I...
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    820-00165-a liquid damaged

    Hi I had no backlight. I replaced: U7701, d7701, f770, rebuilt XW7720 and cleaned the rest. now the backlight works but D7701 pin 1 - 6,8v pin 2 - 24v. Q7706 pin 6 - 6,75v BKL_EN 2.8v BKL_PWM 1,5V The macbook turns on from the keyboard but does not detect it after starting.
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    820-01521 AMRestoreErrorDomain - 0x9 (9)

    Mac is stock on 20V 0.3A. Its stuck in recovery mode in Apple configurator 2. It begins installing the system using system restore. The outputs "failed to recive message from device, might be a connection problem with usb host) [AMRestoreErrorDomain - 0x9 (9)] SLPS2R I AWAKE are present What to do ?
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    820-00165 No Power

    Hi guys this time I have a 820-00163 board with no water damage or corrosion. I checked: PPBUS_G3H 8.6v PP3V42_G3H. 3.43v PP5V_S5 5v PP3V3_S5. 3.3v PP5V_S4RS3. 0v PLT_RESET_L 0v PM_PCH_SYS_PWROK 0v SMC_ONOFF_L 3,43v PM_PWRBTN_L 3,42v PM_SLP_S4_L 0v PM_SLP_S3_L 0v
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    820-00165 PPBUS_G3H short

    The board is clean, However, I have a short to ground on: PPBUS_G3H,0.9-0.4 ohm PPBUS_S5_HS_COMPUTING_ISNS 0.9-0.4 ohm PPBUS_S5_HS_OTHER_ISNS 0.9-0.4 ohm Is the CPU dead ? What to do ?
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    820-00928-04 No power

    Hello I am new to this forum. My name is Marcin and i work a electric repair shop in Poland. I am new to MacBook repairs and have lot of knowledge to complete. As for now i have a MacBook pro model A1707 820-00928-04 that wont start. I can see under my microscope that someone soldered the U3100...