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    Hi all I am after 820-02016-07 BRD for this board also can anyone guide were I can get all the latest BRD and pdf for all latest MacBooks please
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    Hi iv have 820-2879 no chime checked u7600 voltage in 5v en 3.4v Pgood 3.4v R7601 check that there is 5v 301 oms checked spi chip looks all good measures all spi points all good. any advise thanks in advance
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    MacBook Air A1465 didn?t charge with a tried 2 chargers some Time it works some it didn?t check power bench it works fine. Changed the dc board still same problem. Any advise
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    I hi every one I had dead MacBook pro A1708 After checking it I found there was short removed the short, one of the cap was burnt out I'm trying find out we're I can buy one of these please see picture. I don't have spare board
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    Hi iv got a 820-2530 board it?s I know but customer is happy to pay I?m not getting green light iv got pp3v42_g3h present ppus_g3 12.58 present charger acin charger acok checked r7060 r7061 all ok all are present any advise please
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    iMac 820-3478-A

    Happy new year to all i have iMac 27? no back light I can see the Apple logo when powered on. On u8200 chip there is voltage coming in on pin but no led driver en on pin 10 any advise please many thanks
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    Hi iv got 820-2567-A it’s not detecting the ddr3 iv tried a working but still the same story. It’s clean board any advise please
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    Hi guys I’m after good adhesive sealants after iv done some jumpering on board. Anyone recommended a good one cheers
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    820-00165 2016

    Hi iv got 820-00165 board 2016 it was dead liquid damaged powers on every thing is working. But fan is sping fast & running slow anyone got the asd software for this so I can run a test on please. cheers in advance
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    Hi guy iv got 820-3437 fan is spinning very fast and running slow any one got the Ad S3156 software so I can run a hardwaretest on it cheers
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    Hi all I have 820-3437 was dead no power liquid damage all seems to be working, however the fan spins for a few sec then stop then start spinning again then the machine turns on. any advise please
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    MacBook Air 820-00165

    hi all iv got 820-00165 u7200 vin 8.57v Vdd 5v cpu vr en 0.00v any advise please
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    MacBook Air 820-00165

    This board was liquid damaged, repaired all Good now however I’m getting all rail and there present but no chime or display. Cpu vcore is present 1.7v any advise please