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  1. HeyWatchOutDude

    820-00850 (A1989) - Booting successfull - Left USB-C ports issue

    Hi, I have here an A1989 where the left USB-C ports are not recogizing any peripherals - charging is working - right side no issues. Could it be that the THB IC is damaged or corroded? (Should I reflow the IC?) Note: The MacBook was water damaged in that area, (U3200 was bad)
  2. HeyWatchOutDude

    20V / 0-5mA | 820-00850 (A1989)

    Hi, every had such a strange behaviour on an A1989?
  3. HeyWatchOutDude

    820-00850 (A1989) - PPBUS_G3H looping

    Hi, PPBUS_G3H is looping between 12.25 and 12.57V on an A1989 (820-00850). Also the output of the USB-C ports are weird. - 19.4V - 0.00-0.04A I assume the CD3215s are fine because I get 20V, right? What should I check next?
  4. HeyWatchOutDude

    A1989 (820-00850-A) - No Image/No Backlight

    Hi, I have here an A1989 with no image/no backlight. Water damage: -> water_damage.png Note: - External display shows image - so the internal GPU is working fine. - " EDP_INT_AUX_N " = 0.007 (diode mode) / 3.4ohms to ground - Is the CPU bad? - Heat shield on LCD getting warm (IMG_0615.jpg) -...
  5. HeyWatchOutDude

    A2159 (820-01598) - Cant restore system via USB or internet recovery

    Hi, I have here an A2159 (820-01598) which was water damaged. (I took pictures before cleaning - please check the attachments) After removing/replacing the broken stuff (caps, 94AGTJIELC180) and cleaning the corrotion the device booted fine .... it also worked for 2 whole days. But after...
  6. HeyWatchOutDude

    MacBook Air (A1932 | 820-01521-02) - No image no backlight

    Hi, Video: I can successfully restore the BridgeOS (T2) via DFU mode but still no image on the screen, the S0 power rails are (kinda) present. I don’t think that’s a backlight issue because I have checked it with a flashlight still can’t see anything on the screen. - PP5V_S0_BKLT_D = 5V -...