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    00165 Ram Upgrade

    Is it possible to upgrade 00165/00164 to 16gb ram? I've been done 8gb but these days on newer os they are running pretty slow. I have a 4gb 00165that customer sold to me instead of fixing and wanted to upgrade to 16gb if possible. If it can which ram type do i need?
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    was water damaged around audio ic/headphone jack. board was very clean no corrsion. was only getting 5v until i swapped out the cd3215 and now i have 20v .07amp draw. it is not turning on.
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    820-01598 water damage

    Came in heavily corroded. I ultrasonic cleaned and reaplced both bad CD3217 and now computer is turning on. everything is working execpt there is no sound. sound is being detected in system prefs but sound is coming out of speakers. i found a couple of shorts around u6400 so i removed it and...
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    00165 dead pch?

    got a 00165 which came in no with only green light. opened it up and it had screw was loose on MLB connected to L1290 which was melted. took the coil off tested both sides to make sure not short and replaced it. it now it has quarter fan spin. im assuming this is gonna be a dead pch but can...
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    820-00928 20V Not turning on

    Client brought in a macbook - 820-00928 that wasn't turning on. It takes in 20V .1A- .8A fluctuating on all 4 ports Liquid damage on U3906 area No Voltage on Big coils Cleaned up corrosion Lifted U3906 removed corrosion. With a new known good battery it takes 2-3A - cpu doesnt get hot...
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    820-00165-A Intermittent Trackpad

    Have a 820-00165-A Board a customer brought in. Track pad will sometimes stop working about 5 minutes after full boot. If it gets past 5 minutes with it working it will stay on until a full restart. Only happens in the first 5 minutes within logging in corrosion on the Track pad cable -...
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    820-00281-A Touchbar / A citical software update

    820-00281A board came in with a liquid spill on keyboard over right side speaker mesh. No sign of corrosion or damage on board. Macbook powered on normally. Replaced faulty right side speaker. On boot up it now forces you into "A critical software update is required.... Cant be used until...
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    820-00165-A No life

    I have a 820-00165-A board, no power. Slight corrosion on C6100 which was cleaned up. No other signs of damage or corrosion. ppbus_g3h is 8.59 pp_3v42 is 3.44 pp3v3_sus is 3.3
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    board was liquid damaged. replaced u7000 and backlight ic. now computer is turning on but has high fan spin. tried with new keyboard/trackpad/flex still same. attached is sensor temps. everything looks good to me but maybe i'm reading it wrong.
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    820-3330-B , liquid damaged no signs of corrosion. No orange light & PP3V42 was not present, so I replaced u7000. Macbook powers on, but no battery is detected. If charger is disconnected screen turns off but still have capslock light and fan still spins. Tried with a new battery, no success.
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    came in with liquid damage on backlight area. cleaned it out and fixed a short on the board, but still no backlight. accidentally grabbed a wrong test lcd and put a 2016 lcd on this 2020 mlb. now i have no boot. i get 20v and draws up to .8 amps but after 20 seconds turns itself off. i'm...
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    820-01987 No Backlight

    I have a computer that came in water damaged, powers on with no backlight. Corroded area was around C8560, rest of the board is clean. R8452 was missing w/ no pads & U8472 Hole in it. We jumped R8452 to R8453 & R8450. During the replacement of U8472, R8455 & R8481 may have been blown off. I...
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    This was liquid damaged and been to another shop. as its been cleaned its hard to tell whats been damaged but looks like area around smc, bios and u7090. I'm not sure if smc has been replaced or not as glue around it is gone. board gets a fan movement and pulse on cpu vcore 1.7v. smc bypass...
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    00165 no boot

    board came in no liquid damage but does not boot. it had a busted cap on ppbus which i replaced and now i have ppbus but no boot. ppbus - 8.58v pp3v42 - 3.42 PM_SLP_S5_L - .003v pp3v3_sus - 1.18v
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    820-3437. Was liquid damaged around u7200. pin 30 testpoint was corroded out. i replaced the chip and ran a wire to r7280. i now get fan spin for 15 seconds turns off then back on full speed. no led flashing on pen drive.
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    00165 stuck on bootup

    00165 it boots up and gets stuck on full progress bar. tried with known good ssd and fresh os. os installs fine, but will not boot. randomly will boot all the way but will be really slow inside 10.15. no damage to the laptop nor any liquid.
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    I'm aware this is probably going to end up dead cpu, but customer wants data and i want to go through all options before I reflow cpu as last ditch effort to possibly get some data. board is stuck on 5v diode readings on ppbus: .460 ppv3v3r3vo_AON - .02 (beeps) 3V3_G3H - .389
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    came in with no power and spot water damage and corrosion on u7100. replaced u7100 and the corroded resisotors and caps next it to it. now am getting fan spin but no chime. i tried with external monitor as well in smc bypass mode. cpu-vcore - 1.8v ppbus - 12.57v cpu is getting warm.
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    00165 no fan spin

    820-00165 has no liquid no signs of damage. ppbus - 8.6v pp3v42 - 3.42v SMC_RESET_L - 3.4v pp3v3_sus - 3.3v
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    3437 no wifi

    board has no liquid damage. i have changed out wifi card with known good and the board does not detect the wifi. pp3v3 - 3.3v pp3v3_s4 - 3.3v AP_reset_conn_l - 3.3v