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    help with smc reball

    i've watched paul daniels video about 3 times and i guess i really don't have the pacience for reballing. is there anyone in us that would be willing to reball about 10 smcs for me? of course i'd be willing to pay.
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    00165 no boot

    got a water damaged 00165 that has fanspin but does not boot. cpu vcore - 1.7v ppbus - 8.6 what other lines do you need? I'm completely lost with this one. is this damaged cpu?
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    aliexpress ad is saying smc is the same for 00165 and 00164 (11 and 13 inch). is this true? i thought each board has its own smc.
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    820-00923 was liquid damaged and had a shorted cap on ppbus that i replaced. laptop turns on but does not recognize the battery. have tried new battery still same issue.
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    820-2879 no orange

    Board came in clean no liquid damage no power no orange light and no pp3v42 u7000 was getting hot, replaced it and now have pp3v42 but no orange light and no ppbus u7000 pins 1-15.4v 2-2.3v 3-4v 9-0v 12-3.4v 13-3.4v 14-0 15-.052 17-.052 19-3 20-3 27-16.5
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    3437 no orange light

    820-3437 came in with liquid damage. pp3v42 was short and u7090 was corded. swapped it out and got orange light along with fan spin. thew it in the ultrasonic and now don't have orange light again. i tried changing u7100 but still no orange light. i checked diode mode on u7100 and no beeps...
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    820-00244 no video

    I got a 820-00244. it has .8v on cpu vcore but not getting any video on lcd or hdmi w/ apple oem adapter.
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    00165 no orange light

    i have a water damaged 00165. i'm getting no orange light. ppdcin_g3h - 16.6v ppdcin_g3h_chgr - 0v does this mean i need to change q7180?
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    820-01521 water damage

    board came in liquid damaged. ive replaced u3100/3200 because one had a hole in it. its now upvolting to 20v and with a battery connected its drawing over 2amps so i'm pretty sure its on. the issue i'm having is no video or backlight. ive tried with know good lcd. also i don't see anything...
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    00165 no fan spin

    came in pretty clean. no spot corrosion except on u3550 which i replaced. i have orange light ppbus is 8.6v pp3v42_g3h - 3.42v 3v3_sus - 0v Pprtc-g3h - 3.3v Pp3v3-s5 - 3.3v Pp5v-s5 - 5v
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    820-2936 No usb ports

    820-2936 - no water damage. both the usb ports don't work, but keyboard and trackpad works which is funny. I put in a usb stick. i'm getting 5v .275v and 3.1v on the pins. so its getting voltage, but not popping up in disk utility
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    820-00165 ppbus short

    board came in very clean. no water, or physical damage ppbus is short to ground. i removed f7140 and found ppbus_g3h side is shorted and the filter was blown. I checked the cpu caps are all fine, cpu vcore is reading 22.7ohms so that checks out that cpu is good. I ran a freeze test and...
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    820-00165 audio

    Got a 820-00165 that the audio goes in and out. its not constant. some time copmuter will boot up and have no sound sometimes it will. I've changed i/o board twice and hasn't fixed issue. board looks clean, no liquid damage or drops.
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    create asd

    I fee like an idiot asking this but I've literally spent 2 hours trying to figure this out. I have a bunch of other asd's on flash drives but was missing 3s146 for some reason. Has Catalina restricted installing asd on flash drives or am I missing a step? I keep trying to restore the partition...
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    i have a water damaged 820-4924 that has no green light and a short on pp3v42. the water damage was mostly centered around q7130. question: on schematic q7130 isn't directly connected to pp3v42, but it is directly connected to the charging circuit. if that's bad, can q7130 cause a short on...
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    board is water damaged. board was not getting green light on magsafe. checked pp3v42 and was only getting 69ohm (pretty close to short to ground). i injected 3.5v but its not drawing enough amps to heat anything up. Any suggestions?
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    3437 Very Slow

    Got a 820-3437 that powers on and boots up. It has full fan spin and is very slow. All temp sensors show normal in mac fan control. I have replaced the trackpad and flex which didn't fix issue. no signs of corrosion or water damage. The only thing abnormal was a loose screw around c7323. s5 hs...
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    820 2936 usb overvoltage

    820-2936 one usb when plugged in says usb overcharged error. trackpad also has issues. there are random spots of corrosion here and there but nothing that is on the usb line. i've cleaned out the board and replaced u2600 u5701 - still no usb
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    820 3330

    got a 820-3330 board looks like it had some slight liquid damage. ppbus is 17.85 which is weird. dunno where to start with this one.
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    usb type c port burned to hell. switched out the working on from the other side and it that port still doesn't work. where do i start to test?