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    exploded diode/coil? anyway, customer brought this in saying smoke was coming out. does not power on anymore. don't have schematics or boardview, is this connected to the cpu and is dead?
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    does not power on customer came in for data recovery disassembled the board and connected to power supply and got PP3v3_R3V0AON - 3.288v ppbus - 8.59v however with keyboard attached ppbus drops to 8.18. have tried new keyboard w/ cable as well. all i really care is about data. does this have a...
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    So i don't know what i did. have a 820-3115 that had a bad hard drive. computer was booting up but stuck apple logo halfway on startup. checked the hard drive, diagnosied it bad so i upgrade to ssd and transfer the data with my data recovery equipment. i plug in the ssd today and now i only get...
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    3209 trackpad

    The mouse is really laggy/glitchy. you move it at it appears in a new spot, does not glide if that makes sense. works fine with usb mouse. i've replaced bottom case (keyboard, trackpad and flex cable) and still has same issue. smc reset and pram reset did not solve either. the computer...
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    3462 no battery

    everything looks good on the board, no liquid no damage. 820-3462. does not dectect battery, when you unplug magsafe turns off. tried with new battery same results
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    Looking for someone to reapir a stack of boards for me

    Got a bunch of boards that need some repair. I really don't have time to fix them and am looking for someone in the USA to fix them. don't really trust anyone on ebay to do it. there really isn't any rush to fix them so you can take your time. Some have been worked on, some haven't. looking...
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    this one is really weird. after i replaced the hard drive every time i reset the computer the password is not accepted anymore. even if i reset the password in terminal the password isn't accepted. i have to reinstall the os it works until i turn the computer off. after that password doesn't...
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    820-00164 water damage

    board was slightly water damaged around smc area. the computer will only initially turn on with magsafe connected only. you can unplug the magsafe and computer will stay on after the inital boot. The computer will randomly shut off as well. smc replacement?
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    820-2936 fake charging

    so this board will charge white the computer is off. Light comes on and os says the charger is plugged in. however the battery drains. He came in with a fake charger, so pretty sure that killed it. Where to start on this guy?
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    00165 no backlight

    was liquid damaged around lcd side. sent through ultrasonic clearer. replaced the fpc, backlight ic and filter. powered on and it blew the filter. Where should i start to find out the short? i checked the caps and none seem to be short.
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    got a 820-3023 with a weird problem. Board turns on perfect with a charged battery. - Has no audio -when you plug in magsafe screen turns off (unpluging it screen turns back on) -get no green/orange light -will not power on without battery. tried change i/o board with flat cable same issue.
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    where did duke go?

    haven't seen duke in a while on the forums. just wondering what happened to him?
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    820-00164 does not turn on

    customer came in water damage yesterday. said it happened 20 minutes ago. I put it in ultrasonic, dry it out and hand it to him working. came back in today with no power. i get orange light pp3v2 - 3.42v ppbus - 8.6v pp5v0-s5 - 5.0 pp3v3-s5 - 3.3 board is very clean and there was no...
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    I hate ebay boards

    None of my suppliers had an 820-2533-a board in stock so i was stuck taking my chances on ebay. went through three of "pulled from a working laptop" before i found one that was halfway decent. L4502 was burned/corded (not sure which) to hell and pad 2 was gone. Replaced and ran trace. I...
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    Its pretty weird. will find a spinning hard drive in recovery mode disk utility but will not find any samsung ssd that im trying to install. changed the hdd cable as well with no change. ssd is good and works in other computers.
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    Customer upgraded his computer and i purchased his old one. It boots up just fine but when i when to option boot to test asd or to reinstall os it will not work. just continues boot. it wont reset pram either. Ive tried with new keyboard and usb apple keyboard. neither work. ive tried to reset...
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    board has no liquid damage. one cap (c4705) burned up and pad was missing. ran a trace to fix the connection. I get green light. but it flickers. I also notice that u1800 is getting pretty warm. is the cpu/mxu dead? pp3v42 -3.47v ppbus - 1.7 is this a usual problem for this board or...
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    [SOLVED]820-00165 no audio

    was water damaged and i fixed everything. came back 3 weeks later and now audio doesn't work (cant even hear the chime). all i did on this board was replace ultrasonic and replace flat cable. tried smc reset and pram reset
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    820-00165 no power

    slight water damage on u7200. replaced it and ran a trace from pin 20 to pin 3 of u7310. (corroded pad) I get orange light. ppbus is short to ground (.3ohms) and gets no voltage on pin 1 on d7005
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    First time seeing one of these boards. LCD backlight looks like half the led's are off. no sign of water damage or physical damage. do you think its an lcd or logic board issue? And could anyone share the boardview?