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    A1419 Backlight

    Got an A1419 27" iMac with broken glass and no backlight. Before I order the screen I wanted to test the logic board to make sure the correct voltage is coming to the screen. What pin should I test to check the voltage and what should it be?
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    iPhone 6+ VCC main short

    got an iphone 6+. removed all the suspect caps on vcc main but still shorted. wanted to try freeze method, but don't know where to put power on. see lots of videos on iPhone 6 and 6s but nothing on 6 plus. any help would be great.
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    was changing u6100 but ripped pad 2 so i ran a line to probe point 850. now logic board give me green light/ orange light and fan turns on but does not boot. any ideas? does not boot with new chip or old chip.
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    820-4924-a backlight

    Liquid damaged board. I cleaned it out, but the blacklight will randomly start flickering. It maybe does it for 30-60 seconds an hour. Don't know where to start.
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    iPad Air

    Have an iPad Air that charges a dead battery to 1% then stops after it turns on. Changed the charging port and U6000 and neither fixes the issue. Any other ideas?
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    [SOLVED]iPhone 6+ No Siri

    So customer comes in with an iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC issue. I replaced the U2401 & 2402 which we have done many times. But now there the mic on siri does not work. I have changed the sensor/camera flex and still doesn't work. What could be the problem?
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    820-3536-a Not charging

    Got a customer come in with broken screen. Replaced the screen but now it doesn't charge, but said he was having issues with charging anyway. I replaced the magsafe and have only gotten orange light for about 30 seconds before it fades out. I took out the 820-3536-a logic board and noticed a...