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  1. Martinvegeta66

    Macbook Pro - Water Damage - 820-4924 A1502

    HI , I have a Macbook Pro board 820-4924 with water damage, no start water damage around the U500 chip, fan no spin, green light and then orange light posted voltages with out battery PP18V5_DCIN_FUSE=16.52v PP3V3_S5=3.34v PM_BATLOW_L=3.34v SMC_ADAPTER_EN=3.38v SMC_PM_G2_EN=3.41v...
  2. Martinvegeta66

    820-00165 water damage

    Hi, I´m working on this board, was liquid damage PP3V3_G3H=8.58v pp3v42_g3h=3.4v pp3v3_S5=3.35V PP5V_S0=5.15 L3095=0V L7701=0V Fan spin ok
  3. Martinvegeta66

    Missing PP3V3_S5 on A2141 board 820-01700

    I am fixing a mac book pro model A2141, the motherboard model is 820-01700 At first when I connect the USB-C charger the voltage was only 5v, then I check the pin VIN_3V3 C20 on U3100 line PP3V3_G3H_RTC_X = 0 volts PP3V3_G3H_RTC_X is provide by U6940 Checked EN E4 line on U6940...