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    Forgotten efi password from iMac 2012

    Hi, Customer has forgotten efi password, so I am trying to reset it. I have the refi chip removed from the board and had it in my high speed programmer, but where do I get a clean .bin file from to load onto it? Thanks Also the info from the chip reads: adesto1637 45db021e The programmer...
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    820 00138 computer just stopped working. No damage of any kind.

    820 00138 - Computer not switching on found Q8020 burnt out so replaced, trying to switch on, no fan spin, then found short on pp3v3_sus. Before replacing q8020 the board was producing no heat at all. Injecting voltage, the main thing that gets warm is u1100 and the other side of the board. I...
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    820 00687 MacBook liquid damage not switch on

    Hi, Has anyone got a board view and schematic for 820 00687. Water poured over laptop and now not switching on. Signs of liquid damage on board that I have attached to this image. The image with the highlighted caps I have found only have a resistance of 9ohm to ground and have found from...
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    MacBook Pro 820 2936 just stopped working only green light on power cable no fan spin

    No liquid damage, just stopped working, only action is green light looking for voltages 12.5v is there, but fluctuates between 12.51v - 12.55v 3.42v is there PP3V3_S5 unstable PPVRTC unstable PM_SLP_S4_L - 0v PP3V3_S5 unstable PP5V_S5 unstable PP3V3_S4 unstable From what it looks like on...
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    MacBook Air 820 3437, just stopped working, fan spin, seems to be switching on, but.

    No battery connected, connect power to the board in computer, no happy tone nothing on screen, get green then red light so seems to be charging. Fan spin all ok, but nothing on screen. Hold down power button and fan stops spinning as though it is switched on like usual and just switched off...
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    MacBook Air liquid damage, running slow and fan at full speed 820 3437

    Hi, Liquid damage on MacBook Air 820 3437. switches on, all works, but running slow and fan spins up to full speed when switching on. Nothing much to note in terms of damage on the board. Owner says another place looked at it and said it needed new U5620. The part itself looks OK and diode mode...
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    820 3437 not switch on, but charging battery

    MacBook Air 820 3437 board, charges as it shows green light then red light, no fan spin. Found short on pin 2 of F7140 and the component itself is burnt out anyway. Removed F7140, short still there removed q5500, short still there. Injected 8.5v into the line, and something is pulling more than...
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    820 3115 screen flicker

    13 inch macbook pro 820 3115 just had a new hard drive and all good. Been brought back in with screen flicker. It has been worked out that then tapping the top left of the housing by the esc key the screen flickers and the computer stops responding. Restarting it fixes the issue. Tilting the...
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    820-00165 - computer dropped and will not switch on G3H voltage low

    I have tried a new battery and does not do anything. When connecting power with the battery connected or not connected the light on the charge connector goes green then red, no fan spin. I have found r7005 has dc in voltage r7006 only has 1.3v. So is G3H voltage not being boosted or being...
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    820 2915 - fine lines across screen

    15 inch macbook pro sn c02hd7u5dv7l fine lines across screen from left right, looks like it could be the vga processor to me, everything looks ok with lids connector and cable etc... any point in looking further or is it the usual graphics issue for this build? It only goes as far as a question...
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    820 00165 dead not switching on, but green/red charge light works fine

    I have seen a few of these MacBook airs like that now. Connect power, get green then red light and will not switch on. Found shorts on a while host of components, one of which. C1001. All of them have reference to the processor. As I say, I have seen quite a few of these now, so is the...
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    iMac backlight 820 3588 not working

    820 3588 Replaced: FB8108 and f8100 U8102 is shorted to ground when beeping between ground and pin 5 from the board view Looking at the schematic it is actually PGND and not GND so is this still a short to ground that need removing or is this OK ad the fault is somewhere else? Thanks
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    iMac backlight 820 3588

    Has anyone got a schematic and board view for that board or know where I can get one from? Thanks
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    MacBook Air, coffee spilt on it 820 00165 fan spin and only a green light

    Opening up, board was a mess. General disruption all over the board, most disturbance is inside the case where he fan normally is. Cleaned board and looked again, even after cleaning L5001 looks burnt out, but beeped and about 3 ohms. Replaced anyway, now beeps at 2ohms. With board back in...
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    MacBook Air 820 00165 short on PPVCC_SO_CPU

    Computer is liquid damaged, after cleaning it gives green then red light, no fan spin though. Found a short on PPVCC_SO_CPU. Looking at the schematic there looks to be many caps, the processor and C1031. Is there anything else that could be on that line causing the short or is it the processor...
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    Mac mini usb port repair problems 820 3228

    This is a long shot, but does anyone have a schematic and board view for 820 3228 from a Mac mini. Originally borough from eBay with usb ports not working, 2 then came back to life and work. I have fixed things like this on macbook pros before so will be looking for similar issues which are it's...
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    [SOLVED]Macbook pro 820 4924 no trackpad at all and keyboard sort of

    Have a Macbook Pro Retina been brought with a trackpad that does not work at all and keyboard that doesn't work... sort off. If you try to switch it on normally from the power button - that switches it off, but on the log on screen the trackpad does not work and neither does the keyboard, BUT...
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    [SOLVED]iMac 22 inch padlock symbol on screen

    I have fixed this problem in a MacBook Pro before with Dukes help and now have the same issue, but in an iMac. So on the basis that it is an Apple computer, which it obviously is, then can the same thing be done with reprogramming the bios chip? Thanks
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    820 3115 board not switching on shorts found at U6990

    Computer just stopped switching on. Just beeping around the board for now and checking voltages: Found short at u6990 c6999 c6994 c6996 - replaced them all, short gone, but still not switching on, no green light no red light Looking at u7000, 16.5v is going to pin 2, 16.1v is getting to pin 26...
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    [SOLVED]820-2936 padlock symbol appearing on screen.

    I started this in a previous post a couple of weeks ago at the link below: I have read the chip with a chip reader and now have the .bin file so what am I...