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    820-00165 - No Boot U7100 hot

    Hello I have a macbook air U7100 is hot, drawing a total of 39ma. I have replaced U7100, what would be a good next step for troubleshooting? PP5V1 CHGR VDD 5v PP5V1 CHGR VDDP 5v CHGR DCIN 17.9v CHGR_BGATE 1.2v CHGR_UGATE 8.77v CHGR VCOMP R .78v PPDCIN G3H CHGR 17.85v ____ F7140 Pin1 8v...
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    Hello Board looks to be in good condition. Customer described as having trouble starting machine this week, now doesn't start at all. What we get... =PPBUS_G3H 12.5v =PP3V42 G3H REG 3.42v =PP3V3_S5_REG 3.3v =PP5V S4 0v =PP5V_S3 0v =P5VS4_EN 0v = PM SLP S5 L 0v = S5 PwrGd 3.3v =...
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    820-00165 On (I think?) But no display

    Hello Macbook Air - replaced screen and tested backlight works OK When I power on after disconnecting battery the "Bong" sound goes repeatedly, untill I restart once, then it will "turn on" normally but with no display. Nothing on the display best I can tell, even with torch in the background...
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    820-00165-A Quarter Fan Spin

    Hi Quarter fan spin when battery connected. With no battery connected no boot / fan spin. PPBUS G3H 8.2v PP3V42 G3H 3.4 PP5V S5 5v PP3V3 3.3v I replaced capacitors C1992 and C1902 as they looked damanged Thanks in advance. James
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    820-00165a- no boot 0.37 ma draw (doing nothing)

    Hi All Liquid damaged board. I don't fix boards often so some general advice would be good too. u7100 is a little hot at about 23 degrees (thermal cam) There was liquid damage around u7200 and U1930, and u1845 PPBUS G3H present and correct PP3V42 G3H present and correct PP3V3 S5 present and...
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    820-00138 boots but runs slow, fans 100%

    Hi Macbook Pro boots OK able to log in etc. keyboard and trackpad appear to be functioning OK. Apple diagnostics says may be issue with SMC (vague I know) All temps shown via MacFanControl are OK. So, how would I go about narrowing down the issue to find what sensor or fault is with this mac?
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    820-000165a draws power (lots) no boot

    Hi All I have a Macbook Air which will draw approx 3amps when connected to battery and plugged in. Then will hover around 2.1amps after about 20 seconds. Fan spin up to 100% No video output / screen No Bong Not sure where to start with this one!
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    820-00138 - water damage

    Hello! Water Damaged Motherboard - U3210 was burnt beyond all recognition. Is this likley to be repairable ? I think I'll have to run jumper wires / find some way of instaling the C320 again. Is this requried fopr the computer to work beyond supplying power to thunderbolt...
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    820-00185 - Macbook Air - powering on issues

    Hello Fun little one I belive will be an easy fix! Here's what it does - Power button doesn't turn machine on, but will allow us to turn off. (therefore not keyboard) - Computer will run on battery power alone, but not turn on when only battery is connected - Computer will auto power on...
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    820-01700-05- Water Damage No Boot

    Hello Board is obviously corroded in about 5 places. Power supplies 20v, 0.04 amps on all 4 ports after a little clean with Qtip. I have a schematic diagram but not the board view file. Will search for this and try to update rails.
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    A1466 - 820-00165-A no boot 40ma

    Hello, We have a Macbook Air not powering on. Draws 40ma We have PP3v3S5 but no S4 rails S4 Power Enable is missing PM SLP S5 L is 0v SMC_S4_WAKESRC_EN 0v PP3V42_G3H 3.44v SMC RESET L 3.4v Is this SMC issue? SMC is not hot.
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    820-00850 no power - 5v

    Hello, long time no post. I have a 820-00850 board which has no power, USB provides approximately 5.2v on all ports and 0.05 / 0,06 amps. We have got PPBUS_G3H 12.3v Have not got PP5V_G3S I'm unfamiliar with exactly how this model works, aside from a few of louis' videos. Looking at the...
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    820-3437-B No Boot

    Hi All This is what I know. PPBUS_G3H - 0v PP3V42_G3H -0v CHGR_UGATE 4mv CHGR_LGATE - 0mv U7100 1 -.39mv 2 18.16v 3 4.82v 4 330mv 5 0.4mv 6 0v 7 0.4mv 8 0.3mv 9 33.1mv 10 330mv 11 330mv 12 332mv 13 13.4mv 14 330mv 15 11.5mv 16 0v 17 7mv 18 7mv 19 5v 20 5v 12 0v 22 0v 23 7mv 24 7mv 25 4.77mv...
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    820-00165 Macbook Air - Fan Spin - No VIDEO (intermittent condition)

    HI All, Macbook air Sometimes boots normally and functions 100%. Other times, fan will spin, with no video or chime. Board looks good with no obvious signs of corrosion. Not a backlight issue. Will sometimes chime and boot normally. When it does not chime there is no video / backlight...
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    820-3332-a Shuts down under load

    Macbook is OK booting and will stay on for hours. Shuts down (seems to completely just power off) when doing something intensive like HD youtube. Have not managed to "catch" it yet. I have tried with a different battery which made no difference.
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    820-000426 - no backlight

    HI All PPVOUT_S0_LCDBKLT - 1.3mv PPBUS_S0_LCDBKLT_FUSED - 12.86v LCDBKLT_EN_L - 12.72v PPBUS_SW_LCDBKLT_PWR - 12.87v PPBUS_SW_BKL - 12.6mv Is my Q7706 bad or should LCDBKLT_EN_L be a low / 0 voltage? Cheers, James
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    Computer appears to start, then trips out. Bench PSU shows draw from .25ma to approx 1amp after 1 second. which then resets and starts again. Client says it sometimes turns on normally. Some kind of over voltage protection or a shorted component tripping a circuit? Not sure where to start...
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    820-3662-A no Brain

    Hi Computer turns on, no chime, keyboard light or video. Tested CPU power coils 0v. ALl SYS PWRGD 3.5v PP3V3 S0 us 3.5v however I get no voltage at 2 of R1950 - should I replace this resistor? (CPUVR PGOOD) Cheers James
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    Mac Mini Fan Connector - No Pads - 820-3228-B

    Hi All, Does anybody have schematic for the above computer? Also can anybody recommend an alternative wire for running leads ? I can't find anything locally (Australia) and many Amazon sellers don't ship to Australia.
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    820-3209_A Backlight

    What fun says Louis! I've read the sticky on the home page. I WAS getting 8.5 v out at baclight but now 0. BKLT_EN_DIV 8.07v S0_LCDBKL 8.34v No power on Pin 1,2,5,6 for Q7906 BK_EN 5v