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    820-00239 Touch does not work

    This mac has a bubble on Flat J4402, I replaced the Topcase along with touch bar, in testing it worked, but then it stopped. I replaced the Q4400, but it didn't work. The LCD in the Bar Works.
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    820-01069 iMac 21,5" 4K 2017

    Hello, by any chance, do you have the BIOS file 820-01069? And also the BRD file? Thanks!
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    820-00923 USB-C don't work

    Hi, this mac had liquid damage and came with oxidation on the USB-C controllers on one side (U3200 and U3100). I did a cleaning but it was not successful. When I made measurements in reverse diode mode on the LDO signals, on all four controllers, I got: U3200 PP1V8_UPC_XB_LDOD: 0.466V...
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    820-01700 on power

    This mac has a damaged r7900 resistor, I replaced it, but the PPbus started oscillating, I guess the U7800 is defective, right ? Looking at the thermal camera the u7800 is oscillating the temperature.
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    820-00928 Touch Bar not powering on

    This mac suffered oxidation in the u3900 region, I deoxidized it, replaced the damaged components, it worked perfectly. The customer decided to install macOS Monterrey and had Update Critical. I was able to update the macOS only when I unplugged the Touch Bar. Now the Touch Bar doesn't work at...
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    820-2796 makes the headset active.

    I changed the Flat and IO POWER several times, but it didn't work, can you tell me what it could be ?
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    820-01598 no restore T2

    The client tried to format and install Catalina and ended up locking the mac, I tried to restore the T2, but it shows the following error "AMRestoreErrorDomain error 9 - Failed to receive a message from the device, might be a connection problem with USB host. (Communication error, possibly USB...
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    Bios needed 820-2491-a

    I can't download this BIOS, I need it.
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    820-3478 No power

    Lights up 1 led, client reports that it turned off unexpectedly. Voltage: PP12v_s0 12,12V 12_s5 12,11V PP3v3_s5 3.3V 5v_s5 5,098V PP5V_S4 5,1V pp3v42 3,4V PM_SLP_S5_L 3.3V pulses when triggering SMC_ONOFF_L.
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    820-00165 No power

    Good morning, this mac has suffered oxidation in the region of C1212. It came from another service where they reflowed the SMC, replaced it, but it won't turn on. Voltage: PPbus; 8,59V PP3v42: 3,42V ALL_SYS 0,115V PP3V3_S0 0,056V PLT_RESET_L 0,032V SYS_PWROK_R 0V PM_S0_PGOOD 0v Does not...
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    820-2936 without audio drivers.

    Hello, I have already changed U6201, U6500, U6880 and U6630, but it didn't work. I removed the R6805 and it didn't work. I don't know what to do anymore, where to measure!!!
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    820-2936 no logical activity

    Good morning, I have a mac that came with fan spin, but it won't start. PPVCORE_S0_CPU : stucked on 1.1V I've tried another BIOS, but without success. I've tried other RAM memories too and found small oxidations on the contacts of the memory slots, I cleaned them but nothing changed. I noticed...
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    [SOLVED] 820-3115 No power on, no fan spin.

    Good morning, i have a mac that is not turning on. I also noticed that the charger LED is flickering on the brightness (I tested more than 1 charger). I performed the following measurements: PPBUS_G3H: 12.55V PP3V42_G3H: 3.48V PPBUS_S5_HS_COMPUTING_ISNS: 12.55V PPBUS_S5_HS_OTHER_ISNS: 12.55V...
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    820-00165 No Video

    This mac has suffered oxidation on the SMC and U5110. Chime, activity on USB, but no image, only on external video. I used a good display. EDP_PANEL_PWR 0V.
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    820-00239 No power

    This mac has been repaired by another technician in the U9300 region. The mac displays backlight on and then quickly powers off. Shows USB activity for a few seconds. I replaced UB300, as it had oxidized components around it. Voltage: PP3V3_G3H 3,4V PP5V_S0 starts with 5V and drops to...
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    820-00840 Data does not work on USB-C

    Good afternoon, this mac was not working HDMI, I performed U2800 and it worked again. Now the customer returns with the defect of not reading data from SSD/HD 2.0/3.0. I performed the replacement of the two cd3215 but did not solve it.
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    820-00928 No Power

    Good afternoon this mac has suffered oxidation in the U4200, U3500, and U3100 regions. I replaced the oxidized components, it worked for a while. The customer returned with the defect of an unexpected shutdown. Now no PPBUS. I had made a post earlier...
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    820-3302 no power

    Only the first led lights when you turn on the SMC_ONOFF. There was a short in C9480. I replaced the Q7950, but without result. Voltage: - PP12V_S5 12.07V - PP5V_S5 4.97V - PP3V3_S5 3.30V - PP12V_S0 0V
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    820-3435 1V PPbus

    This mac had short C7131, I replaced it but with no result. Replaced Q7130, U7100, AND Q7180. When I removed F7140, there is no voltage on either side. PP3v4_g3h 3,4; PPbus ~0,92V; PPDCIN 16,65V
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    820-00138 - Not Turning On

    This mac came from another service with flux on u7501, Q8150, PCH Done reflow, and other components. Voltage: PPbus_g3h 12.6V; PP5V_S0 4.3V; pp3v3_s0 3.35V; PP3V3_S5 3.35V ;ALL_SYS_PWRGD 51mV, pulsing. The fan rotates in SMC bypass mode. diode mode; L7630 0.088V L7870 0.020V L7330 0.019V...