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  1. VirtualLife

    820-00875-A 2016 Retina

    Is there anywhere Macbook Pro 13 Retina 2016 schematics? The model is 820-00875-A. I got water damaged 2016 model and i want to fix it. It is so stupid that there is no light indicator that tells me if its somehow working...
  2. VirtualLife

    820-4942-B Battery?

    If somebody has macbook pro 13 2015 battery laying somewhere could you take a photo of the connector without the black tape covering it. Need to see the pins of where the battery cells connect to the little board that does not have schematics. Thanks!
  3. VirtualLife

    Is error 53 still a problem today?

    I have an iphone 6 that is on 10.0.2 but the touch id is anoter iphones. Can i just update it or is the error 53 still a problem?
  4. VirtualLife

    Water damaged iPhone 6 No carrier problem

    I have iPhone 6 that has liquid damaged. I got it back and running but there is only one issue with the phone and its no carrier. It detects that there is no sim and when it works but then it searching and says no carrier... Tried manually selecting the carrier but is says failed to search manually.
  5. VirtualLife

    [SOLVED]Battery is not recognized 820-4942-B

    I have 820-4942-B Macbook Pro 13 inch that had liquid damage. The old battery was really bad and the liquid was near the battery connector so i orderd a new battery and replaced it but it did not fix the problem. I replaced the ISL but it did not help at all. Of course i checked some...
  6. VirtualLife

    Why everybody can see the forum now?

    I was not logged in and found out that i can see all the forums topics and i even could click and read them. Whats up? Did you Louis change it that everybody can come and read the topics? Or is there a problem with your forum.
  7. VirtualLife

    820-4924 Does not run from battery

    I have some issues with my MacBook Pro 13 retina Early 2015 (820-4924). One is that it does not run from the battery at all, Macbook turns off right away even its plug. It shows the battery and it shows only 72 present and that does not change. Now it does not show the battery at all. The other...
  8. VirtualLife

    Can you tell me which resistor is in parallel and series

    Also can you tell me how to calculate total resistans?
  9. VirtualLife

    How much heat should i use?

    Hey! I'm starting to work with iPhone boards and just want to ask how much heat should i use when working with small logic boards?
  10. VirtualLife


    I have water damaged iPhone 5 that has short to ground in PP_VCC_MAIN line. Here a photos where water damage was and i cleaned it with ultrasonic cleaner and removed some of them that was really bad but nothing helped. The red squares are the were water damage was. Where should i check?
  11. VirtualLife

    DIY Fume extractor

    Has anyone made their own Fume extractor? If yes, please send here a photo of the extractor and instructions how you made it. I would buy myself good known fume extractor but in here it cost about 800-1500 euros. I think i will save a lot money if i make it myself. Thanks! :)
  12. VirtualLife

    820-2936-A Takes a long time to start

    820-2936-A when i want to start the computer the white hard drive light turns on and stays on and it takes about one to two minutes to chime and to dvd drive to make the sound. This happens sometimes, not all time. I ran the ASD and it passed.
  13. VirtualLife

    [SOLVED]820-2936-A Doesn't load

    I have 820-2936-A that doesn't load any drive at all. I've tried external usb hard drive but it just stays at 75 prosent when loading. Can't run ASD because of the issue.
  14. VirtualLife

    iPhone 5S Waterdamage

    I have my friends iPhone 5S water damaged phone that works just fine but the problem is that it loses really fast battery. I changed it to new original battery but it did not work at all so what could it be?
  15. VirtualLife

    Green coding pen name?

    What green coding pen louis uses in his videos? Would be great to buy one but can't find it.
  16. VirtualLife

    Tools iphone 6 repair tristar chip

    Hey Louis! You added a video on youtube today and i just wonderd that could you link the device that Jason was using to see how much current is iphone drawing and also link to the chips. Thanks! edit: <a...
  17. VirtualLife

    820-2879-B No wifi

    have runned ASD and there were no problems with that. Have tried other lcd and still no wifi. Installed new OS X and still nothing. Tested the connector on the board.... Got 5V on L3404? Check continuity from pin 1,2,4,5,7,8,10,11,12 to the connector on the APX card. Yes i got 5V on L3404...
  18. VirtualLife

    820-2879-B No wifi

    I have runned ASD and there were no problems with that. Have tried other lcd and still no wifi. Installed new OS X and still nothing. What should i check?
  19. VirtualLife

    820-2838-A System clock problem

    When i turn off my 820-2838-A MacBook Air and then turn it on after hours the system clock is reseted to 2001.
  20. VirtualLife

    Cracked Apple logo Macbook Pro 15 retina mid 2012

    What can i do with cracked apple logo. The screen is retina so its pain in the ass to take the lcd and put the logo so is there other way?