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  1. Sykulski

    820-4924 No wifi detected

    Yes. Bluetooth working fine
  2. Sykulski

    820-4924 No wifi detected

    I've got this one that isn't detecting wifi most of the time. Eventually on some boot-ups it is working. Something like 1 of 50 times it is discovering the wlan card and working. But after reboot and for the next many many reboots says "no wifi hardware installed" No liquid and no corrosion to...
  3. Sykulski

    820-00165 Dead

    This 820-00165 came in dead by a small amount of water Bad corrosion on U8005. Pulled and replaced U8005 with new one and wired pin1 to C8005/p1 as this trace was burned. Also replaced C8005. Now there is no fan spin, and all pins (PP5V_S0, PCH_HSIO_PWR_EN, PP1V05_S0, PP1V05_S0, SW_PCH_HSIO)...
  4. Sykulski

    [SOLVED]820-3437 came in with the water still in it !!! sooking

    Is it only on the login screen this thing happens or have you tried logging into the system and make a reboot?
  5. Sykulski

    Torx size for the A1534 T-Pad?

    It has T4 torx
  6. Sykulski

    macbook Air 13" 2012 topcase VS. 2013-2015 topcase

    Microphone is different. Trackpad is different. Trackpad can be switched but the microphone won't fit as 2013 has dual mics where 2012 just has one. The microphone cable is also completely different.
  7. Sykulski

    820-3476 - Power but no chime and image

    It sucks already :-) I've been looking at all components on this board on maximum magnification for hours :-)
  8. Sykulski

    820-3476 - Power but no chime and image

    Pulled SMC and measured termination resistors and traces all the way to the site. They are all good. Replaced the SMC with another one. Still same symptoms :-(
  9. Sykulski

    820-3476 - Power but no chime and image

    Liquid damage that was cleaned by somebody else. When power on fan spins - then stops - then spins again and slowly ramps up and keep on spinning On first fan spin there is 3.2V on pin 5 (SPI_MOSI) and 6 (SPI_CLK) for 2-3 seconds but then drops and does not come back on along with the next fan...
  10. Sykulski

    iMac A1418 - Fan spins high when turned off, normal when running.

    Compare the drawings of your FET to this one The original drain-to-source diode in the schematics has a shotkky diode (drawn with an "S"-formed line next to the arrow instead of a normal straight line which...
  11. Sykulski

    iMac A1418 - Fan spins high when turned off, normal when running.

    Try using the Q2-part of the FET as it has shotkky diode.
  12. Sykulski

    820-3330, Powers, Chimes, No Video

    I had the same model couple of months ago with exact same symptoms. It was crap under PCH in my case so check that also.
  13. Sykulski

    iMac A1418 - Fan spins high when turned off, normal when running.

    Had the same issue a while ago. It was the Q7870. I did not have a FET in same package so i used one from another board and mounted it upside down with wire and conformal coating due to the customers impatience. Customer never came back. If you use an alternative FET then remember it must have a...
  14. Sykulski

    820-3115-b board no hdd, folder flashing

    Can you do PRAM reset? Can it boot to boot manager? Are you getting padlock symbol when booting to bootmanager? If so could be firmware-locked and missing OS or damaged OS. Then get firmware-password from user or remove firmware-lock from BIOS
  15. Sykulski

    Avoid L2 Computer unless you want junk: 820-2914 216-0810005

    Beware of the ones with thermal paste on them. It's not good to put it in the ass! - Ehm... I heard :D
  16. Sykulski

    Imac 20 - Windows 7

    I've also got a bunch of customers who wants to run windows on their macs. I usually just use boot camp and keep the OSX partition relatively small and set it to boot from windows as the standard start disk. Then I always got the Mac OS available for trouble shooting when they have issues. They...
  17. Sykulski

    [SOLVED] 820-3435 Green light only when battery is disconnected

    R7180 was open. Replaced and solved. Thanks guys