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    boardview options?
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    EFI Unlock Tool

    There are a lot better ways to spend $225+
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    820-3662 Audio sounds un-boosted/"tinny".

    Did you try different speakers? What about headphone jack?
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    [SOLVED]12" A1534

    It is the 820-00045 Board the number is hidden under some tape by the battery connector.
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    [SOLVED]13" Macbook Pro Retina - Early 2013.

    Its Probably a 820-3462 Board but find the board number to make sure. To fix the laggy part Run ASD and fix the failed sensors.
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    [SOLVED]iphone 6, lose fast battery

    I have to agree with Louis. It sounds like a shitty screen is pulling more power then the original screen.
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    [SOLVED]820-3330-B Chimes and turns on, but no display

    What do you have on Pin 2 and 3 of the LCD connector. If you don't have 3.3V what do you have on the pins of U9000?
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    820-3437 snapped female screw hole off board. How to reattach?

    If you still have a pad use solder. If you don't have a pad just glue it with some epoxy
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    [SOLVED]820-4924 No S0 rails

    What do you have on PM_SLP_S4_L
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    iPhone "SEARCHING"

    Usually reballing the baseband IC fixes this. Just a lesser know version of touch disease
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    Question for anyone with Crest CP500D

    I haven't killed any yet. But i only leave boards in for around 2 minutes each side at 65C. Then I let it sit in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes.
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    820-332 green light no power Q8930

    Do you have PPBUS_G3H. Any Voltage on S5, S3, or S0 Rails?
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    FreePBX and Cisco SPA525G Registration failed.

    So im testing out FreePBX and following louis's guide on youtube. But have ran into a bit of a problem. where my phone Cisco SPA525G is failing to register with the PBX and I cant figure out why. Any help would be great. I have the PBX set with a static IP and the phones proxy set to that IP.
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    Sensor tests on Post 2013 MacBooks.

    Better uploads of the images
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    Sensor tests on Post 2013 MacBooks.

    Just wondering what you guys are using for sensor tests on MacBooks where ASD isn't available. Ive been using Temperature Gauge Pro along with iStat Menus. I've found it easiest to compare the sensors to a working board. Here are the readings and sensors on a working 820-4924 Board from a 2015...
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    820-00183-a no boardview

    If you mean 820-00138 the IGPU 2015 15" Pro I believe the 820-3787 boardview is the closest
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    820-2936 - Works but

    So you have backlight but no image correct?
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    [SOLVED]820-3330 Fan spins for a second then dies and repeats. PM_SLP_S4_L

    Yeah it was C7737 and C7738. Not positive that it was liquid as it really didn't look to green but it was a shorted cap that killed it. But its all working now. Thanks for the help Duke!!