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    820-2330 - 820-2532 Macbook Pro 15's A1281 battery

    since you cant buy new genuine apple battery and you have no other option but to buy the compatible battery. is it ok to ignore battery temp test in ASD, will it get slow performances because is a sensor thing?
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    [SOLVED]820-3437 - turns on but slow, Faulty sensor (PC0R)

    not sure where to look on the schematic. i've found corrosion on pin2 of U5110 - replaced i've found corrosion on pin8,9 of u8005. - replaced maybe i have a dead smc?
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    820-3115 - liquid damaged - fan spin, no chime

    board was liquid damaged near the SMC area and ISL area. before i get no fan spin, no green light. after a SMC reflowed and replaced the ISL then i get fan spin and a green light and charging light. CPU does get warm. but no chime. no beeps when i removed the RAM. but i do get 1 beep after...
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    [SOLVED] 820-3462 MBPr - Dead SMC?

    i only get green light if i use a fresh charger that has been used with a known working board before hand. if i unplug then replug i dont get green light. corrosion next to SMC, C6992 - 16v probably have shorted SMC_ONOFF_L. i then cleaned the corrosion, i haven't clean the SMC. no IPA went...
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    820-5509-A - Mac Mini 2014, with corrupted SPI Rom.

    clover was used, and has corrupted the the SPI rom. Duke can you able to fix if i give you the corrupted rom, then copy the ME region over to a good rom??
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    [SOLVED]820-3208 - Turn on if i press and hold power button.

    not liquid damage, cant see any corrosion at all under a microscope (damn it). never been rework. Using a ?Real Genuine Original Apple Charger! green light, orange light, can charge the battery?. if I press and hold the Power Button for 2-3 second, the board will power up to OSX and fan spin...