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    820-00165 No PM_SLP_S4_L

    Getting my ass kicked by BS PM_SLP_S4_L issues over the last few weeks. Minor Corrosion on U1950 and PP3v42 pad. cleaned up and replaced pad and chip. Corrosion on U7701 and Backlight circuit currently just removed from board. PPBUS_G3H - 8.6 V PP5V_S5 - 5V PP3v3_S5 - 3.3V PP3v3_SUS - 3.3V...
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    820-00165 No PM_SLP_S5_L

    Water damaged board. Main corrosion around U7100. Repaired U7100 Area and now have 8.6V on PPBUS_G3H. Pulls .02 amp on DC power supply. PPBUS_G3H - 8.6v PP5V_S5 - 5V PP3v3_S5 - 3.3V PP3v3_SUS - 0V PPVRTC_G3H - 3.3V RTC_RESET_L - 3.3V SMC_RESET_L - 3.3V PM_DSG_PWRGD -3.3V I do have 32KHz Clock...
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    820-00239 stuck at 5v 0amp

    Water damaged 820-00239. Replaced U3100 and U2890 along with all resistors and caps in that area and a few jumper wires. Suck at 5v at 0amp on all usb c ports. I do have PP3V3_G3H.
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    810-01814-A 2019 15" Touch Bar Liquid Damage

    Customer brought in a 2019 15" MacBook Pro Touch bar with some coffee damage. Makes charger ding when plugged in but shows nothing on internal or external screen. Upon further inspection it looks to not be making it to an s0 state as cpu and gpu are ice cold and has no vcore. I know i have at...
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    820-3330 Graphics issue

    No liquid damage. Tested another LCD, Reballed VRam, Resoldered and replaced U8900. Just looking for confirmation its a dead GPU?
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    820-00875 Freezing / Display issue

    I have a 820-00875 board that came in for randomly freezing and showing this weird pixilation on the screen. I haven't found a way to reliably cause the computer to freeze. Anyone have any knowledge on what might be causing this and wear to start troubleshooting it? No Liquid or drop damage...
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    820-00281 Touch Bar pulsing power lines

    No previous liquid damage that I can see. Device came to me with no power but appears to have been taken apart before. Will power on with no chime, no image but fan spin and CPU VCore for about a minute then turn off for a few seconds and repeat during this USB imput amperage will drop to 0a but...
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    [SOLVED]820-3115 Turns on but no green light.

    820-3115 with liquid damage around SMC and SMC_reset. Replaced SMC and it now turns on but powers off about halfway though booting into OS and does not show a green light. Will not turn off if just sitting in boot menu or ASD EFI. Possible Bad SMC?
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    2016 MacBook Pro Touch Bar LCD's

    Was browsing Aliexpress today and looks like a 2016 MacBook Pro LCDS are already for sale. Looks like the repair is going to be a lot like the 12" MacBook
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    820-00165 Does not charge battery but runs off and recognizes battery

    Computer will run off battery and recognize battery percentage but not amperage in system profile. When plugged in it will change to charging but percentage will not increase. Current sensing resistors all check out fine. Battery works fine on another board. Is this a SMC or SMC data line issue?
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    [SOLVED]820-4668 iMac 21.5" Not booting Fully

    I have a 21.5" iMac 820-4668. It will boot most of the way. It get to about 50 percent at normal speed. Then take a couple minutes to get all the way to 100% but will never finish booting. I have tried multiple clean installs on multiple drives.
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    [SOLVED]820-3437 No PM_SLP_S4_L

    So i have a vomit damaged 3437 that came in fully dead no green light. Removed the Jtag connector, ran some wires and replaced SMC and some other small resistors. Now I have green light and PM_DSW_PWRGD but no PM_SLP_S4_L. PPBUS_G3H - 8.6V PP5V_S5 - 5V PP3V3_S5 - 3.3V PP3V3_SUS - 3.3V...
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    I'll just leave this here. New MacBook

    This is a picture of the new MacBook Pro With touch bar's logic board from Apple. Looks like a soldered in SSD to me. The base no touch bar model still has a removal SSD but its some more non standard garbage.
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    FreePBX and Cisco SPA525G Registration failed.

    So im testing out FreePBX and following louis's guide on youtube. But have ran into a bit of a problem. where my phone Cisco SPA525G is failing to register with the PBX and I cant figure out why. Any help would be great. I have the PBX set with a static IP and the phones proxy set to that IP.
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    Sensor tests on Post 2013 MacBooks.

    Just wondering what you guys are using for sensor tests on MacBooks where ASD isn't available. Ive been using Temperature Gauge Pro along with iStat Menus. I've found it easiest to compare the sensors to a working board. Here are the readings and sensors on a working 820-4924 Board from a 2015...
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    [SOLVED]820-3330 Fan spins for a second then dies and repeats. PM_SLP_S4_L

    So i have a 820-3330 board that will spin the fans for a second then turn off for a few seconds and repeat. I think it might be a dead SMC but not positive? Board has no liquid damage. Any help with thisi board would be great. Thanks PM_SLP_S4_L - 3.3V when fan spins. 0 when not PM_SYSRST_L -...
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    [SOLVED] 820-2936 No Video Missing LCD_IG_PWR_EN

    I have a 820-2936 board with no video. After so troubleshooting i found that LCD_IG_PWR_EN is missing on pin 1 of the U9000 chip. This single comes from the PCH. Am i correct in assuming that i have a dead PCH and this board should head to the bin or am i missing something? Also this board does...
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    820-2879 PPBUS_G3H Dropping from 12.6 to ~5V then back to 12.6

    So I have a 820-2879 were PPBUS_G3H will sit at 12.6V for a few seconds then slowly drop to 5V sit there for a few seconds then back to 12.6 and repeats. I think i have narrowed it down to CHGR_AGATE it will be at 16V then drop down to 6V for a bit then back to 16 causing Q7085 to not output the...
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    [solved]MacBook Air Mid 2013 820-3437 No Keyboard and Mouse in OS But works in Option menu

    [solved]MacBook Air Mid 2013 820-3437 No Keyboard and Mouse in OS But works in Option menu I have a Mid 2013 MacBook Air with the 820-3437-A motherboard. Keyboard and Trackpad are not recognized in OS X but does work fine under the boot menu and ASD EFI. I have tried a fresh install of OS X but...
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    820-3023 2011 MacBook Air Ram Issue. 3 Beeps

    So i have a 2011 MacBook Air with the 820-3023 motherboard. Board turns on fine but has 3 beeps indicating a ram error. Board never had any liquid damage to it. Ram is getting the proper voltage so I think I have pretty much narrowed it down to a bad ram chip and figured I would ask you guys if...