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    iMac 27 2014

    Have this iMac that only sometimes appears artefacts on screens. Somebody replaced GPU on these? Worth to try?
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    820-3435 sometimes no power

    This board sometimes no power. If I reconect the battery it works again 1,2 days and then no power again. I need to reconect battery each time. Any idea? Battery charge, discharge correctly. Can see the % PPBUS with battery 8.42V
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    Imac no sound

    Have 2 imac 21.5 and 27 for gpu replacment. After that both without sound. Both chime and has sound on external speakers. Any idea?
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    Ssd reader Air/retina

    I am looking for ssd reader on ebay, but cannot find nothing. Exist any ssd to usb reader? Air 2013-2017 models.
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    216-0810001 problem

    Have iMac 21.5 with 216-0810001. Without GFX power and mouse is on. So I suspect GFX or chip problems. Can I put another GPU?
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    820-2879 ppbus goes low

    PPBUS at first 5 seg is ok at 12.56 and then goes low to 2V At 3V coil I have only 0.9V also only the first 5 sed. Already replaceed TPS51125 R do ground on 3V_S5 is 0.630 and 0.130 Any suspect?
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    Macbook air 11

    11 macbook air are 2 models screens only? 2010-2012 and 2013-2015? I mean full assembly
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    820-3209 run slowly

    I found corrosion arround Q5530. I replaced this and checked it goes to C5411 but still the same. I measure on C5411 and I have 3V and 0.5V in both pins. This is on the faulty board that run slowly. On another full working board I have 0.5V in both pins. Any hack I can do? Any idea how to solve...
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    iMac 21.5 2014 no power

    I checked the power and has 11.8V When I conncet to 230€ first led turn on for 0.5 seg. and then off. Could be bad power board or motherboard problem? Any test I can do more? Board is 820-4668
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    216-0841000 = 216-0841027

    216-0841000 = 216-0841027?
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    Imac 27 2011 sometimes no power

    This iMac sometimes not power. When I plug to 230V 1 led is on. When press power sometimes iMac power and all leds are on and sometimes first led power off and iMac will not power. Already replaced the power board and same problem. COuld be some short in GPU or most time is board issue?
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    [SOLVED]820-3476 missing SMC_RESET_L

    This board seem to be not liquide damage. No magsafe or magsafe only with chines adapters. PPBUS - 12.26V SMC_RESET_L - 0V Checked U5110 and arround is ok, no missing or corroded resistors/traces. VIN to pin 1,3 at 3.3V Next to check?
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    M2 Sata adapter

    Somebody used m2 sata adapter on air 2011-2013 models? There are 3 different models. They work well?
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    It is posible to separate glass from screen? ​
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    What board need 2016-2017

    What board need for parts for models 2016-2017? Boards for Air and Pro? 820-***** models?
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    PPBUS is 12.58V but goes to 12.50 for 10 seg and then to 12.33V for 1 seg. and back to 12.58V 3.3V S5 stable 5V and other rails pulsing each 7 seg. ISL and SMC area look clean and no liquide damage. SCL and SDA at 3.42V What is first? SMC, ISL or something else?
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    [SOLVED]820-3462 no backlight

    820-3462 no backlight I replaced LP8545 and the same. BKLT_EN - 3.09V LVDS_BKL_PWM_RC - 3.3V FB - 6V SDA and SCL - 3.3V VIN and VLDO - 5V VDDIO - 3.3V All 6 returns resistors 0ohm. And all them 0.648 to ground. PPVOUT_S0_LCDBKLT - 12.58V Image PRESENT
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    820-2936 no usb

    I had short on 1 usb. I replaced C4617 and now short is gone. 5V present but mouse is off. Any idea?
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    Macbook air 2017

    This Air has the same screen as A1466 2013 models?
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    820-2796 no power, no magsafe

    820-2796 no power, no magsafe Already replaced ISL and SMC and all the same SCL and SDA - 3.3V smc_reset_l - 3.3V acok - 3.3V