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    820-3209 can replace another part number boards?

    Can I put board 820-3209 and replace another part number 820-****?
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    Remove spots Imac27

    A customer asked me if it is possible to remove spots from screen. I checked some video like this: Is that what I need to do? It is worth to do?
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    [SOLVED]Macbook 15 from 2010

    This week will recive Macbook 15 from 2010. It is dual core. Customer told me that there is gpu problems. This model comes with mcp only or has nvidia gpu?
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    Replace keyboard macbook retina

    It is possible to replace keyboard in Macbook A1286 - 15 from 2012 retina or I need to buy this:
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    New GPU works only 2 weeks

    A1226 comes with daid gpu. I replaced with g84-603-A2 It works only 2 weeks then no video. When heated it works again, so I replaced it with new one again. This time another provider Golden Chipset. It works only 3 weeks again and daid again. I talked with Golden Chipsets and they told me that...
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    820-2936 missing U5400

    820-2936 missing U5400 And missing all pads to solder a new U5400 Can this board works without U5400? What is its role?
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    A1428 820-3462 Miss bacllight

    A1428 820-3462 Miss bacllight I do have 5V at PP5VR3V3_SW_LCD PPVOUT_S0_LCDBKLT - 54V I just checked this board with another screen and LCD and same. Blinking folder but no backlight. I also put a working board in this macbook and I can see that screen and lcd cable is ok and works ok...
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    iMac 95° at GPU

    iMac from 2009. Normal work. CPU at 45° And gpu at 95° allready check and put New compound. Next step is to replaced heatsink?
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    GPU or vram?

    Imac with GPU 216-0732019 Video like in the image. I heated the GPU but no change. Seems to be vram? I am not sure if first I have to replace GPU or vram. There are 8 vram...
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    Miss backlight 48.4TH03.021 - Acer Aspire MS2346

    Miss backlight in this board. I can find 19V in 3 pins in lvds, but probably I miss PWM or enable. Problem is cannot find schematic for this board and dont know which pin to check for enable or pwm. Is there any info about this Acer Aspire?
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    Clean boards with ultrasonic

    Hi people, What liquid do you use when clean boards with ultrasonic? Water, alcohol, some cleaning product from market?
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    [SOLVED]820-2850 no backlight

    This laptop was working ok, video and backlight. I opened this laptop to replace a cap and now when I tested, has video (can see blinking folder) but no backlight. I checked led driver LP8545 and has a hole. I replaced it with new one and check for short before and after the diode. No short...
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    Replace GPU in mac pro card

    It is possible to replace and find new GPU on this video card? Never repair this. It is G92-270-A2
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    820-3462 no power A1425 retina

    It is A1278 820-3115. Titile is wrong No liquid damage as I see. It doesnot power. I tried 2 different AC adapter 60W and 85W Green light is on. When press power button nothing happend. P3V42G3H_REF3 - 3.29V PPBUS_G3H - 12.55V SMC_BC_ACOK - 3.3V SYS_ONEWIRE - 3.3V ADAPTER_SENSE - 3.3V...