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    Power supply imac 24

    I have here imac 24 with power supply problem. Are there any common problems with these supply? Big caps 120uF 450V?
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    820-3476 Battery not detected

    OS X says 100% but when I remove the magsafe, board will turn off. 100% means SMC and ISL bus are ok? Appear x instead the battery.
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    820-2850 ram socket problems?

    820-2850 has some common ram socket problems? Support 8GB? Sometimes working on videos on youtube beeps 3 times and freeze.
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    Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 1370 no power

    Any common problems with these Lenovo? I have 2 and both have the same ISL95905 hot. No power.
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    820-3437 no trackpad and keyboard

    820-3437 no trackpad and keyboard Where to start? Already tried another case trackpad and keyboard.
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    820-2914 0084

    I got this MBP 17 with board 820-2914 No video, and chime each 2 seg. I removed the GPU 0084 and chime one time and mouse is on. I put 0005, chime one time but still black screen. Should I add/remove some resistor?
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    Imac 27 screen backlight is gone.

    I had several iMac 27 and all of them with backlight problems. I replaced screens there. I found this video. Is that the solution for them? Min 7-8
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    Imac 27 compatible

    What parts are compatible in imac 27 2010 and 2011?
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    Lenovo T450 bios password

    Somebody have idea how to remove password on Lenovo T450?
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    820-2936 no sound

    This board have no sound. No speakers and no jack. Where to start?
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    A1502 replace lvds.

    Somebody replaced lvds cable in this screens? Hard to do?
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    820-3437 no power

    This board wont power. Green light and 3.3V on coil present. U1900 I have 10khz instead 32khz I already replaced U1900 but still the same. Any idea?
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    820-3330 artefacts

    This board works ok if use it to write text but as soon as open Chrome and try to watch videos, artefacts appears and image freeze. Could be N13P-GT-W-A2?
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    820-3115 shutdown if hard drive is connected

    This board seems very clean and no liquide damage. If I disconnect hard drive it power and blinking folder appear and it keeps on. BUT If I connect USB drive or Hard drive to usb it start loading and power off in 12-14 seg. Any suspect?
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    820-2915 no trackpad and no kayboard

    This board was tested with new trackpad and keyboard and they still dont work. Board problem. Any suspect?
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    820-3476 charge very very slow

    This board charge very very slow. I got new battery and happend the same. Any idea?
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    Replace A1534 keyboard

    Somebody replaced this keyboard on A1534 model? Is is like A1466 or A1502 or harder?
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    820-2879 ppbus goes to 1V

    When I connect magsfe ppbus appear at 12.59 but 2 seg later it goes slowly to 11V-10V-9V....1V I removed F7000 and same thing. acok - 3.25V acin - 4.45V dcin - 18.57V SDA and SCL - 3.40V 17,18 and 27,28 3ohm and 20ohm
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    [SOLVED]No magsafe 820-2327

    3V42 - stable Q6920 pin3 and 6 -1V and goes down SMC_BC_ACOK - 3.25V PP18V5_DCIN_ONEWIRE - 17V
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    A1502 battery max at 30%

    This macbook pro charge the battery max to 30%. I have no new battery to test. Can I check something in the board?